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Color Tissue Paper

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X30

Color Tissue Paper 20x30

Only $25.50 ream or any 5 for $24.60! Gift Tissue Paper in Vibrant Colors.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 15X20

Color Tissue Paper 15x20

Only $13.95 ream or any 5 for $13.75! Gift Tissue Paper in Bright and Vivid Colors!

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X26

Color Tissue Paper 20x26

Only $21.50 ream or any 5 for $20.50 each! Bold Tissue Paper in Statement Making Shades!

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade USA Brilliant Color Tissue Paper Flat 20X30

Color Tissue Paper Flat 20x30

Bright and Colorful Gift Tissue Paper in Fun and Traditional Shades!

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade Assorted Color Tissue 20X26 Value Packs

Color Tissue 20x26 Value Packs

Now on Sale $10.95! Gift Tissue Paper in Captivating Colors!

Nashville Wraps Solid Metallic Tissue Paper

Metallic Color Tissue

Metallic tissue paper by ream in Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold & more! Made in the USA.

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Gift Tissue Paper 20X30 Folds

Color Tissue Paper 24 Sheet Packs

Only $8.75 for 120 sheets. Any 5 folds of 24 sheets! 20x30 sheets. Made in USA.

Nashville Wraps Non-woven Fiber Water Resistant Tissue Paper

Non-woven Fiber Tissue

Non Woven Color Tissue looks and feels like fabric. Water resistant! Beautiful for flowers & gifts.

Nashville Wraps Gemstone Glitter Assorted Color Tissue Paper

Gemstone Color Tissue Paper

Color tissue paper with holographic glitter add sparkle to your packaging! Made in the USA.

Nashville Wraps Waxed Floral Tissue Paper

Waxed Floral Tissue Paper

Waxed Tissue Paper is a must for florists! Moisture resistant. USA made.

Nashville Wraps Floral Fabric Sheets

Floral Fabric Sheets

Add texture and style to floral arrangements with our fabric sheets!

Nashville Wraps Floral Flip Sheet Bouquet Wrap

Floral Flip Sheets

Floral Flip Sheets accent floral arrangements! Great in combination with bouquet sleeves or by themselves!

Nashville Wraps Mneral Paper Floral Sleeves and Bouquet Wrap Sheets

Mineral Paper Floral Sleeves & Sheets

Simple eco friendly flower wraps and sleeves that are soft to the touch!

Nashville Wraps Metallic Tissue Resale Packs

Metallic Tissue Resale Packs

Metallic Cello Tissue Sheets in bright mylar foil colors. Polybag for storage and resale!

Discover the colors you are seeking with colored tissue paper at Nashville Wraps. Our colored tissue paper sheets redefine the color spectrum with hundreds of color options, and that is not including the gemstone and metallic tissue paper. The bulk colored tissue paper sheets are available in many sizes; including, 15 x 20", 20 x 26" and 20 x 30" sheets. All colors, sizes, and quantities are ready to be shipped to you! As an added bonus, the reams of tissue are packed flat for easy storage! With the use of tissue paper expanding from just gift bags and gift boxes to creating backdrops and pom pom crafts, it has now become a staple item to have on hand. Watch our video to learn how to add tissue paper to a gift bag.