Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Halloween & Fall Basket Packaging Supplies

Nashville Wraps Customizable Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft paper gift bags with handles great for retail use!

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Paper Bags

Great Sale Prices! Recycled brown kraft paper gift bags with handles are perfect for retail use!

Nashville Wraps Shadow Stripe Kraft Tint Bags

Shadow Stripe Kraft Color Bags

Vivid color shopping bags with handles and a varnish shadow pinstripe!

Nashville Wraps Black & White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid check gift bags are the perfect bag for all year.

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Print Market Trays With Handles

Wide Base Print Market Trays

Market trays for gift baskets with festive prints in a beveled design.

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Color Market Trays

Wide Base Color Market Trays

Sturdy solid color gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre tied satin bows with twist ties are perfect to tie cello bags!

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Candy Boxes

1 Piece Candy Boxes

Now On Sale! 1 Piece candy gift boxes in gourmet colors.

Nashville Wraps Printed Gift Bags for Christmas and All Occasions

Printed Paper Gift Bags

Now On Sale! Printed Gift Bags with designs for Christmas and other celebrations.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Tissue Paper

Floral & Nature Print Tissue Designs

Tissue gift paper in bulk with lovely floral designs and natural prints.

Nashville Wraps Special Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

Special Occasion Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes for Birthday, Get Well, Baby, Valentines Day, Halloween, & more!

Nashville Wraps All Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

All Occasion Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes with colorful floral and classic designs.

Nashville Wraps Distressed Wood Gift Bags

Distressed Wood Gift Bags

Distressed white washed wood panel design on white kraft background.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Gift Basket Boxes

Color Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes in solid colors easily coordinate with any theme.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Print Cello Bags

Special Occasion Cellophane Treat Bags

Printed Cello Bags for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter & Halloween.

Nashville Wraps Shallow Beveled Trays

Beveled Shallow Market Tray

Folding beveled gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Falling Leaves Gift Bags

Falling Leaves Paper Gift Bags

Swirling maple leaves in orange, yellow and green on white kraft.

Nashville Wraps Tuscan Harvest Gift Bags

Tuscan Harvest Kraft Gift Bags

Deep purple berries with olive green leaves on natural brown kraft.

Nashville Wraps Customizable Kraft Paper Gift Bags with Cord Handles

Kraft Paper Gift Bags

Natural Brown, White and Black Kraft Euro Tote Gift Bags with cord handles.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Gift Wrapping Paper

Floral And Kraft Gift Wrap Paper

Now On Sale! Floral designs & kraft prints for all occasion gift wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Print Cello Rolls

Special Occasion Cellophane Rolls

Ultra clear printed cello wrap in several special occasion designs.

Nashville Wraps Gingham Check Gift Bags

Gingham Gift Bags

Traditional Gingham gift bags for a country look.

Nashville Wraps Pre-Tied Striped Gift Bows

Pre-Tied Striped Gift Bows

Now On Sale! Pre tied grosgrain gift bows are striped on both sides and have twist ties for quick use!

Nashville Wraps Beveled Print Market Trays

Beveled Print Market Trays

Market Trays in many designs for gourmet and gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Twine Cord

Jute Twine

Ecofriendly Twine in lots of colors and styles made from natural jute and sisal fibers.

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Corrugated gift basket trays are perfect for gift sets or traditional gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Enclosure Gift Cards

Enclosure Cards

Printed Enclosure Cards in seasonal and special occasion designs.

Nashville Wraps Sweet Treat Gift Favor Boxes

Sweet Treat Gift Boxes

Small gift basket or favor boxes in a wide variety of designs and solid colors.

Nashville Wraps Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Creative Pom Pom Ribbon with easy to shape wire in fun bright colors!

Nashville Wraps Bakers Twine

Bakers Twine

FourPly Natural Cotton Bakers Twine in a variety of bold colors.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Raffia Gift Bows

Pre-tied Raffia Gift Bows

Raffia gift bows with a twist tie to attach easily to gift bags or gift baskets!

Nashville Wraps Fall Ribbons

Wired Fall Ribbons

Wired Ribbon in autumn colors and prints create the perfect fall bow!

Nashville Wraps Wired Woodland Jute Ribbon

Woodland Natural Jute Ribbon

Rustic Natural Jute Ribbon features a firm open weave in five sizes.

Nashville Wraps Stripe Burlap Container

Burlap Stripe Bag Container

Burlap gift basket containers with cute stripes and handles for easy carrying.

Nashville Wraps Cotton Containers for Gift Baskets or Storage

Cotton Gift Basket Container

Cloth Containers with handles make great gift baskets or storage containers.

Nashville Wraps Wood Crate Containers

Wood Crates

Now on Sale! Small, handmade wooden crates are perfect for gift sets!

Nashville Wraps Black Gloss Bakery Boxes

Black Gloss Bakery Boxes

Black gloss bakery boxes and cupcake boxes with white interiors.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Containers for Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements

Burlap Basket Containers

Durable burlap basket containers with a water resistent liner!

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Burlap Gift Bows

Pre-tied Burlap Bows

Pretied Burlap Bows with twist tie make gift wrapping easy!

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Cards are prepunched with matching basket boxes.

Nashville Wraps Printed Floral Bouquet Sleeves

Printed Floral Bouquet Sleeves

Decorative prints on easy to use open bottom flower sleeves!

Nashville Wraps Braided Linen Cord Ribbon

Braided Linen Cord

Now On Sale! Linen Cord is a 1/4 wide, seamlessly braided fabric blend of linen and polyester.

Nashville Wraps Natural Cotton Ribbon

Natural Cotton Twill Ribbon

Now On Sale! Natural Cotton Ribbon is woven in classic twill pattern.

Nashville Wraps Sinamay Mesh Ribbons

Sinamay Mesh Ribbon

Unique Sustainable Mesh Ribbon in natural or metallic threads.

Halloween and Festive Fall Packaging

As the seasons change, so should your packaging. Fun Halloween and fall packaging brings new appeal to your customers. So whether you are a bakery, boutique, or gift basket expert, you will find the seasonal packaging you need to bring the autumn feeling to all your customers. Browse our huge selection of fall packaging supplies today!

Fall and Halloween Basket Making Supplies

Gift baskets are even better when they have a seasonal flare, and our seasonal packaging makes it easy to do just that. All you have to do is change out some of your everyday packaging with packaging that showcases fun Halloween and Fall designs.

  • Our special occasion basket boxes are a great way to create themed gift baskets! Complete the look with a basket box bench, basket bag , a little bit of shredded paper filler  and and colorful pull bow.
  • Market Trays are another great Fall packaging option. They bring an elegance to gift baskets and are also often used to create fall table center pieces. Our market trays come in a variety of sizes, prints and solid color options. Plus, they are very sturdy and can be reused several times!
  • Cellophane treat bags are one of the easiest ways to showcase the Halloween and fall season. These bags come in many sizes and lots of fun designs! They are ideal for wrapping gourmet treats, candles, and many other small items.

Bakery, Cupcake, and Cookie Boxes

Baked goods are always in season!

Turn your gourmet goodies into spooky delights with our Black Gloss Bakery Boxes . Make the treat complete by writing personalized messages on each box with chalk markers and using orange raffia for your bow.

To bring a fall d├ęcor to your bakery packaging, use the chocolate brown bakery boxes. Then for your finishing touches add daffodil yellow, kraft or olive green raffia with Falling Leaves Enclosure cards. This look is so timeless that you could use it year after year durng the fall season.

Fall Floral Sleeves and Wraps

Changing leaves and beautiful fall bouquets are fall favorites. Browse through our floral supplies to see how you can complete your fall flower arrangements with flower wraps and autumn leaves bouquet sleeve designs. We also have three prong floral picks to hold the enclosure cards and water resistant florist satin acetate ribbons for final touches.