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Raffia Ribbon

Paper Ribbon

For that perfect touch, enhance your paper gift bags, printed shopping bags or gift wrapped boxes by adorning them with raffia ribbon, or as it's sometimes called wraphia. Choose from Matte or pearlized ribbon, both are available in a wide array of colors, conveniently packaged in 100- or 500-yard rolls. Paper raffia ribbon is also available, and comes in 100- or 250-yard rolls.

For a mess-free option, our Synthetic raffia is made from nylon, making it simple to use. Opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions by choosing paper ribbon or Wraphia, which are both composed of 100% natural fibers that are degradable and recyclable. Whether you choose a vibrant hue or a muted color, raffia ribbon is perfect for adding a burst of color to gifts, crafts, or floral arrangements to give a custom packaging look and feel.

For a more rustic appearance, natural raffia or raffia string are ideal choices. These eco-friendly materials are degradable and recyclable, crafted from 100% natural vegetable fibers and dyed with water-soluble pigments. Explore the versatility of natural raffia, available in 6 oz. bags, as it adds a touch of natureto your gift wrap or craft projects. Paper ribbon is an eco-friendly option that enhances your creations with a unique and sustainable flair.

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