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Jewelry Gift Boxes

Wholesale Jewelry Gift Boxes

Our jewelry boxes are available in white, kraft, colors and prints for a variety of packaging options! It's easy to find the perfect fit for all types of jewelry and gifts. Boxes are sized perfectly for rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and earrings. Boxes are sold in cartons of 100, small packs for lots variety and pre-packed assortments.

Nashville Wraps rigid two-piece boxes for jewelry also include soft non-tarnishing recycled fiber. Boxes are made from minimum 80% recycled board. Made in the USA!

Recycled Kraft Boxes for Jewelry

The most recycled gift boxes available! These paper wrapped rigid boxes are offered in more than 10 sizes. Brown kraft, white kraft and 13 colors are made from 100% recycled French Papers manufactured with renewable hydroelectric energy! Now that is green!

Jewelry Packaging

We have a wide selection of specialty jewelry gift boxes such as white swirl embossed, white gloss, gold and silver foil, leopard, and aqua. Plus, a mermaid scale design with gold accents.

Clear Lid Boxes with a view!

These rigid boxes have clear lids, so the contents are easily seen and loved! Great packaging option for jewelry display and gift giving. Box bases are available in White Swirl, Brown Kraft and Chocolate Embossed.