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Custom printed ribbon from Nashville Wraps

Personalized Ribbon

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Affordable Printed Ribbon - We print it right here!

Nashville Wraps has a huge inventory of in-stock satin ribbons that simply look great when printed. Printing your logo is creating brand awareness and we do all of that for you right here in our state of the art in-house printing facility.

We have the resources, the people and the patience!

Our custom printing specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to assist you. They can answer all your questions and help you with every part of your order.

15 day in-house service on new orders • 10 day in-house service on reorders

Provided we have the plain ribbon you want in-stock (and we usually do) and since we do everything right here our lead time averages 10 regular working days (or less) after final art approval. New orders usually take additional time but typically no more than a week to get the art completed and approved by you.

Great Ribbon for Printing:

Ribbon Printing Service

(Price per roll)

  2 Rolls 4 Rolls 8 Rolls 12 Rolls 24 Rolls 48 Rolls
Any Satin or Acetate Ribbon $24.50 $16.00 $14.50 $13.50 $12.00 $11.00

Note: Prices above are printing only and do not include the cost of ribbon.


General Information

Prices are per 100 yd rolls with the exception of #9 Double Face which is 50yds per roll. Minimum order is 2 rolls and must be the same size. Additional rolls printed are ordered in multiples of 2 rolls per size. Different stock ribbon colors are allowed.

Price breaks are based on using the same image and imprint color. Different stock ribbon colors are allowed on any order. You may change the print color within a order of 4 rolls or more roll with a $10 color change or with an order of 8 rolls or more for free. The minimum quantity for a print color change within any order is 2 rolls.

Prices shown are printing only and do not include the price of the unprinted ribbon. Quantity prices allow for the combination of different sizes of ribbon, however the minimum for any single size of ribbon is 2 rolls and must be ordered in multiples of 2 rolls.

Print Colors

We use hot stamp printing for top quality. Click here for available Hot Stamp colors. You may change the print color within a order of 4 rolls or more roll with a $10 color change.

Personalized ribbon - available fontsArt and plates

Printing dies (plates) are required for any new or changed order and certain reorders. There are two type of dies available: temporary dies or permanent magnesium dies.

Temporary Dies

(for 1 line of headline text)

Fonts for temporary dies are shown above at right. These are great for short runs and for events that are not reoccurring. We can make temporary dies for $40 with the following restrictions: Minimum 24 point text, one headline line of type only and line must not exceed 6" in width. Click here for temporary die guidelines. Dies are only good for one order and last only for 6 rolls of ribbon. Temporary dies are not stored and have to be remade for each reorder at an additional $40 expense. We recommend permanent dies for repeat orders or over 6 rolls of ribbon.

Permanent Dies

(for logos, art and more text)

For custom logos, more text, longer ribbon runs, or frequent reorders, a permanent die is used. For text and logos under 8" in width, these dies are $75. We can use the same die for #3 and #5 ribbon providing the image size does not exceed the maximum for the #3 ribbon. All #9 ribbons require a separate die. Permanent dies are stored for a maximum of 2 years from time of last use. Die prep includes minimal typesetting and logo placement but does not include extensive artwork. The print area is subject to the guidelines show below.

Standard Print Areas for Hot Stamp Ribbon

Note: The edges of the ribbon (1/8" on all sides) are non-printable.

Maximum imprint area
#3 Size Ribbon maximum imprint area: 8" wide by 3/8" tall (0.375")

Maximum imprint area
#5 Size Ribbon maximum imprint area: 8" wide by 5/8" tall (0.625")

Maximum imprint area
#9 Size Ribbon maximum imprint area: 8" wide by 1-1/8" tall (1.125")

Other Information

Two-color (or more) imprints are available on a special quote basis. Print placement can vary, but is typically 2 repeats per linear foot of ribbon.