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Paper Shopping Bags Designs

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Garden Blooms Paper Bags

Watercolor Garden Blooms Gift Bags

Handpainted watercolor flowers in bright red, pink and yellow on a white background.

Ombre Flowers Gift Bags

Ombre Flowers Paper Bags

Beautiful Blue and Green flowers on a white background.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Greenery Paper Bags

Watercolor Greenery Paper Bags

Paper gift bags with handles feature hand painted vines in soft hues of blue and green.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Polka Dot Bags

Polka Dot Bags

Now On Sale! Recycled Paper Shopping Bags in bold colors with white polka dots.

Nashville Wraps Vibrant Floral Shopping Bags

Vibrant Floral Shopping Bags

Now On Sale! Vibrant Floral Paper Bags feature bold yellow, blue and pink blooms.

Nashville Wraps Tropical Paradise Gloss Paper Shopping Bags

Tropical Paradise Shopping Bags

Now On Sale! Tropical Paradise Shopping Bags with a pink floral, aqua leaves & metallic gold accents.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Paw Print Kraft Bags

Paw Print Kraft Bags

Recycled brown kraft Paw Print Paper Shopping bags feature bold black paws.

Black & White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid

Black and White Buffalo Plaid check shopping bags are the perfect gift bag for all year

Nashville Wraps Lavender Fields Bags

Lavender Fields Paper Bags

Recycled Lavender Field bags feature a beautiful botanical silhouette.

Nashville Wraps Chevron Stripe Shopping Bags

Chevron Stripe Shopping Bags

Now on Sale! Paper Shopping gift bags with chevron stripes in several colors!

Farmhouse Birds Paper Gift Bags

Farmhouse Birds Paper Shopping Bags

Farmhouse Birds shopping bags have green leaf wreath, black pinstipe ribbon accents and naural birds.

Nashville Wraps Floral Brocade Bags

Floral Brocade Bags

Elegant paper shopping bags with a black brocade design on white glossy paper.

Nashville Wraps Wildflower Meadow Bags

Wildflower Meadow Bags

Wildflower Meadow Shopping Bags feature fields of flowers in pink, blue and yellow.

Nashville Wraps Blue Bird Berries Bags

Blue Bird Berries Shopping Bags

Recycled White Kraft Shopping Bags feature bright blue bird are great for Spring and Summer.

Nashville Wraps Customizable Tuscan Harvest Kraft Bags

Tuscan Harvest Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags feature a berry and leaf design.

Farmhouse Gift Bags

Farmhouse Favorites Shopping Bags

Farmhouse Favorites shopping bags have fabulous icons from this trendy fun look.

Nashville Wraps Chalkboard Flowers Bags

Chalkboard Flowers Paper Shopping Bags

Unique Chalkboard Flowers paper shopping bags have bright hand drawn flowers.

Nashville Wraps Gingham Check Bags

Gingham Check Bags

Now on Sale! Traditional Gingham Shopping Bags for a country look.

Nashville Wraps Domino Alley Shopping Bags

Domino Alley Shopping Bags

Traditional white paper shopping bags with a bold graphic design of stripes and domino dots.

Nashville Wraps Rainbow Confetti Bags

Rainbow Confetti Bags

Recycled Gloss Paper Shopping Bags with a bright multi color polka dots.

Nashville Wraps Lace Borders Kraft Bags

Lace Borders Kraft Bags

Lace Borders features a delicate lace design on recycled kraft paper make great Wedding bags.

Nashville Wraps Geo Graphics Paper Shopping Bags

Geo Graphics Shopping Bags

Now on Sale! Recycled paper gift bags with handles have geometric designs in several colors!

Nashville Wraps Sunflower Fields Bags

Sunflower Fields Bags

Recycled brown kraft paper shopping bags with bright yellow sunflowers.

Nashville Wraps Rose Blossoms Bags

Rose Blossoms Bags

Striking pink flowers on white kraft paper shopping bags.

Nashville Wraps Chalkboard Sentiments Bags

Chalkboard Sentiments Bags

Paper Shopping Bags with handles have chalkboard style text with inspiring messages.

Nashville Wraps Bohemian Swirls Shopping Bags

Bohemian Swirls Shopping Bags

Dramatic black bohemian swirls stand out against the white kraft paper bags and handles.

Nashville Wraps Gilded Blooms Bags

Gilded Blooms Paper Bags

Glossy Paper Bags with pink blooms and gold accents.

Nashville Wraps Pooch's Paws Bags

Pooch's Paws Bags

Quality gloss paper shopping bags with large paw print and scattered mini paws background.

Mint & Pink Floral Gift Bags

Fresh Mint Floral Paper Gift Bags

Sweet pink floral with mint green background.

Nashville Wraps Brushed Floral Shopping Bags

Brushed Floral Shopping Bags

Vibrant pink and orange flowers with bright green leaves on white kraft paper shopping bags.

Nashville Wraps Cottage Rose Garden Bags

Cottage Rose Garden Bags

White Kraft paper bags feature pink floral rose design, full of vintage English cottage charm!

Nashville Wraps Recycled Chalkboard Paper Shopping Bags

Chalkboard Borders Bags

Now on Sale! Black Chalkboard paper gift bags have a white border and are perfect for personalizing!

Nashville Wraps Kinetic Ink Paper Bags

Kinetic Ink Shopping Bags

Closeout Pricing! Recycled Kinetic Ink gift bags with geometric patterns of stripes, arrows and triangl

Nashville Wraps Ivy Lane Kraft Bags

Ivy Lane Kraft Bags

Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with ivy design for ecofriendly retail packaging.

Nashville Wraps Leopard Safari Bags

Leopard Safari Bags

Recycled brown kraft paper Leopard Print shopping bags with black handles.

Coastal Blooms Paper Bags

Coastal Blooms Paper Bags

Now on Sale! White Paper Shopping Bags with pretty blue and brown flowers.

Nashville Wraps Melody Stripe White Kraft Bags

Melody Stripe Paper Bags

Now on Sale! Recycled Melody Stripe bags feature bold charcoal gray & aqua blue stripes.

Nashville Wraps Blue Indigo Stripe White Kraft Bags

Blue Indigo Stripe Paper Bags

Now on Sale! Blue Indigo Stripe bags are a wonderful look for all ages and costal themes.

Nashville Wraps Painted Daises Bags

Painted Daisies Bags

Recycled Paper Shopping Bags with bright green daisies.

Nashville Wraps Falling Leaves Shopping Bags

Falling Leaves Paper Bags

Falling Leaves Paper Shopping bags feature swirling maple leaves.

Trendy Paper Shopping Bag Designs

Printed paper gift bags make gift giving a breeze! All you need to do is place your gift inside, add some colorful tissue paper and add a raffia ribbon bow to the handle.

We offer paper shopping bags in designs for all occasions; from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day, Birthdays and Father's Day! Our shopping bags with handles are perfect for small businesses, big corporations, or anyone looking for the best gift packaging! Choose from classic Chevron Stripe bags or Polka Dot bags, Floral designs like Fresh Mint Floral Paper Gift Bags, or traditional country designs like Black and White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags; you are sure to find options to fit your style!

Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Bags

All of our paper shopping bag prints contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled material and are proudly Made in the USA! You can choose from three standard bag sizes: small rose, medium cub, and large vogue. Some select designs such as the Chalkboard Boarders Bags are also available in additional sizes such as the extra-large queen and wine bags.

We offer our printed paper shopping bags in bulk quantities, pre-packed assortments of smaller bulk quantities of each size, or even small packs of 25 bags! With so many packing choices you can create the perfect mix of designs and sizes to fit your needs! All of our shopping bags are recyclable and UPC coded for easy resale!

Design Your Own Custom Paper Bags

Your brand is important; let us help you personalize one of our many designs! You can choose one of our many stock line designs to add your logo! You can also choose to create a fully customized shopping bag to represent your brand! Let your customers become walking billboards for your business!

Click here, for details or call to speak with one of our knowledgeable custom agents at 1-800-547-9727.