Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Spring and Summer Gift and Gourmet Packaging Products

Nashville Wraps Recycled Kraft Tint Shopping Bags

Color Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

Kraft color paper shopping bags.

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X30

Color Tissue Paper 20x30

Solid Color Gift Tissue Paper in vibrant options.

Nashville Wraps Matte Raffia Ribbon

Matte Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon in dozens of matte colors in 100 & 500 yard rolls.

Nashville Wraps Shadow Stripe Kraft Tint Bags

Shadow Stripe Kraft Color Bags

Vivid color, varnish shadow pinstripe shopping bags with paper twist handles.

Nashville Wraps Pearl Raffia Ribbon

Pearlized Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon in shiny pearlized colors in 100 & 500 yard rolls.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Tissue Paper

Floral & Nature Print Tissue Designs

Tissue gift paper in bulk with lovely floral designs and natural prints.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 15X20

Color Tissue Paper 15x20

Gift Tissue Paper in bright and vivid colors.

Nashville Wraps Recycled White Paper Bags

Recycled White Kraft Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Recycled white paper bags with handles.

Nashville Wraps Wildflower Fields Paper Gift Bags

Wildflower Fields Gift Bags

Gloss gift bags with pink and orange flowers and green leaves.

Nashville Wraps Sheer Organza Ribbon

Sheer Organza Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon in a variety of sizes and colors.

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Print Cello Bags

All Occasion Cellophane Treat Bags

Fun cello bags in designs like dots, stars, stripes, flowers & animal prints.

Nashville Wraps Succulent Garden Gift Bags

Succulent Garden Gift Bags

Gloss paper gift bags feature an array of succulents in pink, blue and green.

Nashville Wraps All Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

All Occasion Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes with colorful floral and classic designs.

Nashville Wraps Classic Print Tissue Paper

Classic Tissue Paper

Gift tissue paper designs in classic stripes, gingham, plaid, chevron and elegant prints.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X26

Color Tissue Paper 20x26

Color Tissue Paper in statement making shades.

Nashville Wraps Poly Curling Ribbon Colors

Poly Curling Ribbon Colors

Quality curling ribbon for balloons, bows, and gift wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Pink Petals Gift Bags

Pink Petals Gift Bags

Sweet pink petals make a beautiful statement on a white kraft background.

Nashville Wraps Navy Daisy Gift Bags

Navy Daisy Paper Gift Bags

Gloss paper gift bags feature white daisies with yellow centers on navy blue.

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Print Tissue Paper

Polka Dot Tissue Paper

Polka dot printed tissue paper for gift bags in a variety of colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Aqua Tint White Kraft Bags

Aqua Blue Paper Shopping Bags

Beautiful Aqua paper gift bags with white handles.

Nashville Wraps Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal print tissue paper for gift wrapping featuring paw print, leopard and zebra designs.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Gift Wrapping Paper

Natural Floral & Farmhouse Gift Wrap Paper

Watercolors, florals or rustic designs gift wrap paper.

Nashville Wraps Color Tulle Ribbon Rolls

Value Color Tulle Ribbon

Affordable tulle rolls in popular colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Special Value Roll Gift Wrap

Special Purchase Discount Gift Wrap

Gift wrap in large rolls at discount prices.

Nashville Wraps Sunflower Fields Gift Bags

Sunflower Fields Gift Bags

Paper gift bags with bright yellow and black sunflowers.

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade USA Brilliant Color Tissue Paper Flat 20X30

Color Tissue Paper Flat 20x30

Bright and colorful gift tissue paper in fun and traditional shades!

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Print Cello Rolls

All Occasion Cellophane Rolls

Premium printed cello rolls featuring colorful everyday designs.

Nashville Wraps Black & White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid check paper gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Printed Gift Bags for Christmas and All Occasions

Printed Paper Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Gift Bags for Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations.

Nashville Wraps Paws and Hearts Gift Bags

Paws and Hearts Paper Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Gift bags with black paws and small brown hearts.

Nashville Wraps Paper Raffia

Paper Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Paper Ribbon is easy to tie into fabulous bows.

Nashville Wraps Premium USA Tulle Ribbon

Premium Color Tulle Ribbon

Premium nylon color tulle perfect for tutus and other crafts.

Nashville Wraps Lace Borders Gift Bags

Lace Borders Kraft Gift Bags

Closeout Pricing! White lace on kraft for great gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Romantic Blooms Gift Bags

Romantic Blooms Gift Bags

Brown kraft paper gift bags feature cascading soft blooms and greenery.

Nashville Wraps Timeless Floral Gift Bags

Timeless Floral Gift Bags

Brown kraft paper gift bags feature bold flowers and bees in black.

Nashville Wraps Dalmatian Dots Gift Bags

Dalmatian Dots Gift Bags

Animal print and pet lovers alike will love this new design.

Nashville Wraps Queen Bee Gift Bags

Queen Bee Gift Bags

Gloss paper gift bags feature trendy bee and wreath on yellow stripe with black honeycomb gussets.

Nashville Wraps Paw Print Gift Bags

Kraft Paw Prints Gift Bags

Bold black paw prints on natural brown kraft.

Nashville Wraps Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Woven ribbon featuring a colorful stripe design.

Nashville Wraps Aqua Blue Jewelry Gift Boxes

Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes

Aqua Blue Jewelry Gift Boxes in cartons.

Nashville Wraps Painted Gems Gift Bags

Painted Gems Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Abstract gems pop on a white kraft .

Nashville Wraps Mneral Paper Floral Sleeves and Bouquet Wrap Sheets

Mineral Paper Flower Wraps and Sleeves

Simple eco friendly flower wraps and sleeves!

Nashville Wraps Reusable Burlap Bags

Burlap Tote Bags

Reusable Burlap Tote Bags with handles, great for grocery shopping.

Nashville Wraps Factory Direct Floral Gift Wrap

Floral Factory Direct Gift Wrapping Paper

Premium Floral Gift Wrapping Paper. High quality rolls in lots of sizes.

Nashville Wraps Hummingbird Floral Gift Bags

Hummingbird Floral Gift Bags

Closeout Pricing! Hummingbird Floral design features soft colors.

Nashville Wraps Lemon Blooms Gift Bags

Lemon Blooms Gift Bags

Closeout Pricing! Bright yellow lemons surrounded by airy white blooms.

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade Assorted Color Tissue 20X26 Value Packs

Color Tissue 20x26 Value Packs

Value pack of 240 color tissue sheets.

Nashville Wraps Sunshine Plaid Gift Bags

Sunshine Plaid

Now on Sale! Classic plaid in yellow, blue and red.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Nested Boxes

Color Nested Boxes

Four Piece Sets of Solid Nested Boxes with a round or square design.

Nashville Wraps Enclosure Gift Cards and Envelopes

Enclosure Cards and Envelopes

Now on Sale! Printed Enclosure Cards in lots of designs.

Nashville Wraps Folding Presentation Boxes

Folding Presentation Candy Boxes

Easy pop–up candy boxes with attached ribbon.

Nashville Wraps Farmhouse Birds Gift Bags

Farmhouse Birds Gift Bags

Paper gift bags with green leaf wreath and naural birds.

Nashville Wraps Lavender Fields Gift Bags

Lavender Fields Paper Gift Bags

Beautiful lavender botanical silhouette with green leaves.

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Gift Tissue Paper 20X30 Folds

Color Tissue Paper 24 Sheet Packs

Color tissue paper in small pack of 24 sheets.

Nashville Wraps Gift Tags

Gift Tags

Now on Sale! Colorful gift tags with prepunched hole.

Nashville Wraps Gable Box Prints

Gable Box Prints

Gable boxes in fun printed designs are a unique way to gift.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Greenery Plastic Gift Bags

Watercolor Greenery Plastic Gift Bags

Watercolor Greenery reusable plastic gift bags feature an original handpainted vine design.

Nashville Wraps Hip Dots Plastic Gift Bags

Hip Dots Plastic Gift Bags

Plastic gift bags with white or metallic gold polka dots.

Nashville Wraps Butterfly Garden Gift Bags

Butterfly Garden Gift Bags

Closeout Pricing! Beautiful floral pattern with large bufferflies!

Nashville Wraps USA Nested Gift Tower Boxes

U.S.A. Nested Box Tower Sets

Now on Sale! Three piece set nested boxes in two size combinations.

Nashville Wraps Rainbow Confetti Gift Bags

Rainbow Confetti Gift Bags

Bright multi color polka dots for birthday gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired taffeta ribbon in bold colors.

Nashville Wraps Moonlit Blooms Gift Bags

Moonlit Blooms Gift Bags

Large flowers in pink and green on black background.

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Plastic Gift Bags

Polka Dot Plastic Gift Bags

Plastic gift bags with white polka dot design.

Nashville Wraps Distressed Wood Gift Bags

Distressed Wood Gift Bags

Distressed white washed wood design on white kraft.

Nashville Wraps Farmhouse Gift Bags

Farmhouse Favorites Gift Bags

Farmhouse Favorites gift bags have fun icons.

Nashville Wraps Paw Print Plastic Studio Bags

Paw Print Plastic Studio Bags

Paw Print plastic studio bags feature large black paws on white plastic.

Nashville Wraps Exotic Jungle Gift Bags

Exotic Jungle Gift Bag

Closeout Pricing! Pink flamingos and cheetahs on gray.

Nashville Wraps Curly Gift Bows

Curly Gift Bows

Now on sale! Curly Bows with adhesive hang tab.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Garden Plastic Bags

Watercolor Garden Plastic Gift Bags

Watercolor Garden plastic bags feature handpainted art in a beautiful garden design.

Nashville Wraps Floral Brocade Gift Bags

Floral Brocade Plastic Gift Bags

Black floral brocade design on plastic gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Rainbow Stripe Plastic Gift Bags

Rainbow Spots Plastic Gift Bags

Rainbow Spots plastic bags with dot and stripe pattern.

Nashville Wraps Flowerworks Paper Gift Bags

Flowerworks Gift Bag

Closeout Pricing! Fun florals on gray and blue background.

Nashville Wraps Wired Woven Ribbon

Wired Woven Ribbon

Now on Sale! Natural looking ribbon with wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon

Soft Woven Grosgrain Ribbon featuring two sides of colorful stripes.

Nashville Wraps Print  Mini Gable Boxes

Mini Gable Boxes

Now on Sale! Mini solid and printed boxes.

Nashville Wraps Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with white polka dots.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Containers for Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements

Burlap Basket Containers

Burlap basket containers with a water resistant liner.

Nashville Wraps Wired Seasonal Printed Ribbon

Wired Seasonal Printed Ribbon

Fun printed ribbon perfect for spring and summer!

Nashville Wraps Paw Print Plastic Gift Bags

Paw Print Plastic Gift Bags

Paw Print plastic bags have black paws on clear plastic.

Nashville Wraps Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Glossy and metallic colors for gift wrapping!

Nashville Wraps Stripe Burlap Container

Burlap Stripe Bag Container

Burlap gift basket containers handles for easy carrying.

Nashville Wraps Wired Plaid Ribbon

Wired Plaid Ribbons

Soft wired fabric ribbons in several choices!

Nashville Wraps Herringbone Ribbon

Herringbone Ribbon

Classic pattern in bright color stripes on white!

Nashville Wraps Chalkboard Sentiments Gift Bags

Chalkboard Sentiments Gift Bags

Gift bags with chalkboard style text with inspiring messages.

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Sheer Organza Ribbon

Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with coordinating printed dots.

Golden Leopard Paper Gift Bags Nashville Wraps

Golden Leopard Paper Gift Bags

Golden Leopard design with gloss black and metallic gold.

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Cards are prepunched with matching basket boxes.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Greenery Gift Bags

Watercolor Greenery Gift Bags

Paper gift bags feature hand painted vines in soft hues of blue and green.

Floral Print Packaging

Spring brings to mind bright and fragrant flowers after a long, hard and cold winter. Summer welcomes warm weather, vacations at the beach and outdoor activities. Let Nashville Wraps help you celebrate the season with our bright florals and everyday print packaging options! We have packaging products in every category including:

  • Paper shopping bags with handles!
  • Brightly colored floral gift wrapping paper!
  • Printed and solid color tissue paper!
  • Gift Boxes and Favor boxes for parties!
  • Jewelry gift boxes in bright colors and fun prints!
  • Cello treat bags and cello basket wraps!

Design your own Custom Paper Bags

Spring and Summer are the best time of the year to begin your marketing campaigns. People are outside enjoying the warmer weather, walking from shop to shop. What better way to get your name in people's minds than to make your customers a walking billboard for your business. Let one of our experienced custom print agents help you customize your own store packaging or visit our custom print page  for more information. If you do not see what you like, let us help you create something unique. If you can dream it, we can make it!