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Fabric Ribbon, Stretch Loops & Tie Cords

Wholesale fabric ribbons including grosgrain, burlap, plaid, striped, polka dots & Christmas designs. You'll also find stretch loops, bakers twine & twist ties.

Nashville Wraps Stretch Cord Loops

Stretch Cord Loops

Stretch cord loops with pre tied bow make gift giving easy! Elastic ribbon makes easy wrapping!

Nashville Wraps Wide Satin Stretch Loops

Satin Stretch Wide Loops

Satin Stretch Loops with pre tied bows add elegance to your gifts. The elastic ribbon stretches making wrapping easy!

Nashville Wraps Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Cabana Stripes Ribbon is one of our most popular ribbons! Makes beautiful fullbodied bows in a classic stripe design.

Nashville Wraps Metallic Twist Ties

Metallic Twist Ties

Shiny metallic twist ties in Gold, Silver, & Red in two sizes. Assortments available as well.

Nashville Wraps Wide Metallic Stretch Loops

Metallic Stretch Wide Loops

Elastic Metallic stretch loops have a pre tied bow. Available in four sizes in metallic gold or silver.

Nashville Wraps Premium Woven Grosgrain Ribbon

Premium Woven Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon in variety of colors & sizes. USA made.

Nashville Wraps Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Striped Ribbon

Grosgrain stripe ribbons are a soft woven beautiful 2sided striped ribbon for a perfect bow!

Nashville Wraps Burlap Twine Cord

Burlap Twine

Burlap Twine is colorful and natural jute. Great for small packaging & favors. Ecofriendly.

Nashville Wraps Wired Woodland Jute Ribbon

Woodland Natural Jute Ribbon

Woodland ribbon is a natural open weave jute ribbon available in several sizes. Great alternative to a heavy burlap!

Nashville Wraps Wired Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

Wired Buffalo Plaid Ribbon

Wired Buffalo Natural Ribbon shows a large scale plaid on the front and back of ribbon. Cotton blend.

Nashville Wraps Bakers Twine

Bakers Twine

Eco friendly Bakers Twine is made of 100% Cotton yarn grown and processed in the USA!

Nashville Wraps Bulk Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Woven Grosgrain soft ribbon in large bulk rolls in a variety of colors and sizes is perfect for making beautiful bows.

Nashville Wraps Wired Dream Taffeta Ribbon

Wired Dream Taffeta Ribbon

Closeout Sale! Wired Dream Taffeta Ribbon has a luxurious shimmer in 100% polyester!

Nashville Wraps Metallic Tie Cords

Metallic Tie Cords

Elastic Stretch Tie Cords and Braided Tie Cords are 1/16. Just tie this tinsel cord into a bow and youre finished!

Nashville Wraps Kraft and White Twist Ties

Kraft and White Twist Ties

Kraft and White twist ties are perfect for baskets, bows and candy bags.

Nashville Wraps Dual Color Jute Twine Ribbon

Dual Color Jute Twine

Burlap Twine is a threeply twine with two colors intertwined. Great for small packages & favors. Ecofriendly.

Nashville Wraps Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Wired pom pom cord ribbon looks like small cotton balls strung together with matching wire cord. Neat packaging accent.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Ribbon

Wide polyester lightweight woven ribbon with a natural burlap, handmade look. Great value in our most popular colors!

Nashville Wraps Burlap Stitch Ribbon

Burlap Stitch Ribbon

Wide burlap look polyester woven ribbon with blanket stitch edging. Beautiful for decorating!

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Edge Mesh

Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon is a soft metallic screen with a metallic wired edge!

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon is a metallic screen with a light wire in the ribbons edge. Upscale and beautiful!

Nashville Wraps Burlap Fringe Ribbon

Burlap Fringe Ribbon

Natural Burlap Ribbon has a frayed edge fringe and made of 100% jute in bright bold colors!

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Paper Ribbon

Crinkle Paper Ribbon

Crinkle Paper Ribbon is made from 100% natural fibers & comes in beautiful colors for ecofriendly gift packaging. 

Nashville Wraps Wired Heavy Burlap Ribbon

Wired Heavy Natural Burlap

Wired Natural Burlap Ribbon is 100% jute in bright bold colors!

Nashville Wraps Wired Burlap Pearl Edge Ribbon

Wired Burlap Pearl Edge Ribbon

Wired 100% Jute Pearl Edge Ribbon is great for weddings, floral, craft and gifts!

Nashville Wraps Closeout Ribbon

Value Priced Ribbon

Beautifully ribbon in a variety of designs at great pricing!

Nashville Wraps Burlap Stripe Ribbon

Burlap Stripes Ribbon

Burlap Stripes Ribbon is made from soft woven polyester with classic stripes! Available in two sizes!

Nashville Wraps Birchwood Ribbon

Birchwood Ribbon

Birchwood Ribbon is a beautiful open weave polyester ribbon. Available in several beautiful colors.

Nashville Wraps Linen Stripe Fringe Ribbon

Linen Stripe Fringe Ribbon

Linen Stripe Fringe ribbon is flangelss with frayed edges and printed stripes.

Nashville Wraps Natural Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon Natural

The real deal! Imported natural vegetable fiber raffia in hanks. Grab a handful and tie it on.

Nashville Wraps Metallic Dot Linen Ribbon

Metallic Dot Linen Ribbon

Linen Metallic Dots has beautiful embossed dots for an upscale look on a natural woven faux ribbon.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Stretch Ribbon

Wired Stretch Metallic Mesh

Wired Stretch Metallic Mesh is perfect for Christmas, weddings & other special occasions.

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas and Fall Plaid Ribbon

Wired Christmas & Fall Plaid

Wired plaid ribbons in Fall and Christmas colors are available in our most popular width, yardage and colors!