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Ribbons and Bows at Wholesale pricing!

Nashville Wraps Flora Satin Gift Pull Bows

Flora Satin Pull Bows

Select items on Sale! Beautifully formed gift bows every time!

Nashville Wraps Pearl Raffia Ribbon

Pearlized Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon in shiny pearlized colors in 100 & 500 yard rolls.

Nashville Wraps Matte Raffia Ribbon

Matte Raffia Ribbon

Raffia Ribbon in dozens of matte colors in 100 & 500 yard rolls.

Nashville Wraps Sheer Organza Ribbon

Sheer Organza Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon in a variety of sizes and colors.

Nashville Wraps Double Face Satin Ribbon

Double Face Satin Ribbon

Double Faced Satin Ribbon has a luxurious, shiny satin surface on both sides.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre–tied satin bows with twist ties are perfect to tie cello bags.

Nashville Wraps Paper Raffia

Paper Raffia Ribbon

Now on Sale! Raffia Paper Ribbon is easy to tie into fabulous bows.

Nashville Wraps Poly Curling Ribbon Colors

Poly Curling Ribbon Colors

Quality curling ribbon for balloons, bows, and gift wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Color Tulle Ribbon Rolls

Value Color Tulle Ribbon

Affordable tulle rolls in popular colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Premium USA Tulle Ribbon

Premium Color Tulle Ribbon

Premium nylon color tulle perfect for tutus and other crafts.

Nashville Wraps Wide Satin Stretch Loops

Satin Wide Stretch Loops

Now on Sale! Wide satin pre–tied elastic bows stretch around boxes.

Nashville Wraps Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Woven ribbon featuring a colorful stripe design.

Nashville Wraps Stretch Cord Loops

Stretch Loop Cords with Pre-Tied Bows

Elastic pre–tied bows come in several colors and sizes to fit any gift box.

Nashville Wraps Valentine & Heart Ribbon

Valentines Ribbon

Select designs on Sale! Ribbons for Valentines Day.

Nashville Wraps Wide Metallic Stretch Loops

Metallic Stretch Loops with Pre-Tied Bows

Pre–tied elastic bows in metallic red, silver, and gold.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Poly Ribbon

Poly Ribbon

Poly ribbons available on large wholesale rolls.

Nashville Wraps Curly Gift Bows

Curly Gift Bows

Now on sale! Curly Bows with adhesive hang tab.

Nashville Wraps Butterfly Pull Bows

Butterfly Pull Bows

Cute, quick and easy! Perfectly formed butterfly pull bows in eight classic colors.

Nashville Wraps Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired taffeta ribbon in bold colors.

Nashville Wraps Glimmer Tulle Ribbon

Glimmer Tulle Ribbon

Wholesale priced shiny tulle ribbon has a metallic shimmer.

Nashville Wraps Sheer and Metallic Pull Bows

Metallic and Sheer Pull Bow

Now on Sale! Fabric pull bows made from sheer stripe edge or metallic!

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas Ribbon

Wired Christmas Traditions Ribbon

Up to 50% off! Wired Christmas ribbon in holiday designs.

Nashville Wraps Poly Star Gift Bows

Poly Star Gift Bows

Easy peel and stick Star Gift Bows in festive colors!

Nashville Wraps Berwick Woven Grosgrain Ribbon

Berwick Grosgrain Ribbon

Ribbed fabric ribbon available in several sizes and colors.

Nashville Wraps Berwick USA Double Face Satin Ribbon

Berwick Double Face Satin

High quality double faced satin ribbon makes luxurious bows.

Nashville Wraps Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Pom Pom Ribbon with easy to shape wire.

Nashville Wraps Wired Satin Edge Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Satin Edge Sheer Organza

Organza ribbon is delicate sheer ribbon with wired satin edges.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Twine Cord

Jute Twine

Ecofriendly Twine in lots of colors and styles made from natural jute and sisal fibers.

Nashville Wraps Poly Curling Ribbon Prints

Poly Curling Ribbon Prints

Printed curling ribbon for festive balloons, bows and Christmas gift wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Floral Satin Ribbon

Flora Satin Ribbon

Berwick flora satin ribbon is available in many sizes and colors!

Nashville Wraps Wired Seasonal Printed Ribbon

Wired Seasonal Printed Ribbon

Fun printed ribbon perfect for packaging and décor.

Nashville Wraps Wired Satin Stripe Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Satin Stripe Sheer

Wired organza ribbon with a satin stripe down center.

Nashville Wraps Bulk Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Woven Grosgrain Ribbon in multiple sizes and colors.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Raffia Gift Bows

Pre-tied Raffia Gift Bows

Now on Sale! Raffia gift bows with a twist tie to attach bags!

Nashville Wraps Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon

Soft Woven Grosgrain Ribbon featuring two sides of colorful stripes.

Nashville Wraps Herringbone Ribbon

Herringbone Ribbon

Classic pattern in bright color stripes on white!

Nashville Wraps Pre-Tied Striped Gift Bows

Pre-Tied Striped Gift Bows

Now on Sale! Pre–tied grosgrain gift bows have twist ties!

Nashville Wraps Wired Woven Ribbon

Wired Woven Ribbon

Now on Sale! Natural looking ribbon with wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Pre-Tied Printed  Bows

Pre-tied Printed Gift Bows

Now on Sale! Printed pre–tied bows with twist ties.

Nashville Wraps Color, Kraft and White Twist Ties

Twist Ties

Paper and Foil Wired Twist Ties.

Nashville Wraps Saddlestitch Grosgrain Ribbon

Saddle Stitch Grosgrain

Grosgrain ribbon with stitched borders!

Nashville Wraps Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Glossy and metallic colors for gift wrapping!

Nashville Wraps Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with white polka dots.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon

Gorgeous Sheer Ribbon with a wired metallic edge always holds shape.

Nashville Wraps Florist Satin Acetate Ribbon

Florist Satin Acetate Ribbon

Water resistant florist ribbon in brilliant colors with a textured fabric look.

Nashville Wraps Bakers Twine

Natural Cotton Bakers Twine

FourPly Natural Cotton Bakers Twine in a variety of bold colors.

Nashville Wraps Poly Pom Gift Bows

Poly Pom Gift Bows

Self stick, poly pom gift bows.

Nashville Wraps Sheer Metallic Stripes

Sheer Metallic Stripes

Sheer ribbon with satin stripes.

Nashville Wraps Paw Print Ribbon

Paw Print Ribbon

Satin ribbon with a paw print is perfect for pet packaging!

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Shimmery Metallic Sheer Ribbon for easy bows.

Nashville Wraps Wired Woodland Jute Ribbon

Woodland Natural Jute Ribbon

Rustic Natural Jute Ribbon features a firm open weave in five sizes.

Nashville Wraps Metallic Tie Cords

Metallic Tie Cords

Elastic Stretch and Braided Cords in metallic colors.

Nashville Wraps Wired Plaid Ribbon

Wired Plaid Ribbons

Up to 25% off! Soft wired fabric ribbons in several choices!

Nashville Wraps Metallic Confetti Bows

Metallic Confetti Gift Bows

Metallic, self–adhesive bows.

Nashville Wraps Birchwood Ribbon

Birchwood Ribbon

Rustic Natural looking ribbon is made of lightweight woven polyester.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasions Ribbon

Satin Special Occasions Prints

Deluxe hotstamped special occasion ribbons.

Nashville Wraps Plaid Ribbons

Plaid Ribbons

Beautiful selection of plaid ribbon!

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Sheer Organza Ribbon

Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with coordinating printed dots.

Nashville Wraps Wired Glitter Swirl Sheer Ribbon

Sheer Metallic Swirl Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with glitter swirl accents.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Sheer Gift Bows

Pre-tied Sheer Gift Bows

Pre–tied sheer organza bows with twist ties.

Nashville Wraps Natural Cotton Ribbon

Natural Cotton Twill Ribbon

Natural Cotton Ribbon is woven in classic twill pattern.

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas Burlap Ribbon

Wired Christmas Burlap

Wired Christmas Burlap ribbons add sparkle to the holiday

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas Ribbons

Christmas Ribbons

The perfect little printed ribbon for Christmas!

Nashville Wraps Wired Heavy Burlap Ribbon

Wired Heavy Natural Burlap

Burlap Ribbon with a wired edge made from natural jute.

Nashville Wraps Metallic Dot Linen Ribbon

Metallic Dot Linen Ribbon

Natural Linen Ribbon featuring bold metallic polka dots!

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Stretch Ribbon

Wired Stretch Metallic Mesh

Unique Metallic Mesh Ribbon with a stretchable wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Ribbon Shredder

Ribbon Shredders

Simple to use ribbon shredder gives regular ribbon a fun fringed look.

Nashville Wraps Linen Stripe Fringe Ribbon

Linen Stripe Fringe Ribbon

Linen Fringe Ribbon with vintage stripes and frayed edges!

Nashville Wraps Natural Raffia Ribbon

Natural Raffia

Raffia natural ribbon made from vegetable fibers!

Nashville Wraps Fall Ribbons

Wired Fall Ribbons

Closeout Pricing! Wired Ribbon for fall celebrations.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Stripe Ribbon

Burlap Stripes Ribbon

Soft Woven Burlap Ribbon with classic two toned stripes.

Ribbon & Bows

Ribbons and bows provide the perfect finishing touch to your packages. They can provide an upscale focal point or a show your fun side with bright colors and fun prints. Nashville Wraps has hundreds of choices of ribbons and bows to choose from, all in one place!

Satin and Fabric Ribbons

Our double faced satin ribbons are made from the highest quality fabric. These ribbons are easy to tie, and make beautiful bows. We can custom print  these, and other, ribbons quickly in house for your weddings or special events.

Cotton, jute and grosgrain ribbons are the perfect choice for natural packaging. Cotton and Jute ribbons come in several size and even print options to suit your style. Grosgrain ribbons are great for hair bows for little girls or cheerleaders, and with our wide range of colors, you are sure to find your team colors! For more great ideas on using fabric ribbons check out our blog on Ribbon Ties for Father's Day! 

Raffia and Twine

Raffia ribbon comes in more colors than you could ever imagine! This versatile ribbon can be used on gift bag handles for a simple but stunning finishing touch. Combine colors and finishes to really add a pop of style to your packages!

Choose from one of our many jute twine or baker's twine colors. These petite ribbons are great for tying cello bags or making bows on smaller packages. Twine can be used for so much more than just bows! Check out our blog on how to make tissue tassels  for decorating at a party!

Organza Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon comes in so many sizes and styles, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are looking for ribbons to use for your wedding pew bows and bouquets, or to tie a gift basket- look no further than Nashville Wraps wide selections!

Gift Bows

We know not everyone has the ability or time to tie beautiful bows for every package! That is why we offer such a wide range of pre-tied and self-adhesive bows! Our pre-tied bows are perfect for pairing with printed cello treat bags  for a quick and easy packaging for your gourmet treats! If your store is offering free gift wrap, choose from one of our hundreds of self-adhesive bows or pull bows to provide consistently beautiful packaging!