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White & Kraft Tissue Paper

Premium & Recycled Tissue Paper

Our white and kraft gift tissue paper is available in full reams, half reams, bulk cartons, rolls or even a small pack of 24 sheets. It's easy to find the perfect fit for gift bags, crafts, gift wrapping or for the inside of gift boxes. Tissue paper is also a clever way to wrap odd shape items too, just gather the tissue around the item and add a pretty ribbon. Our eco friendly tissue paper is made from recycled material and are all made in the USA and is the perfect addition to jazz up a retail package.

Premium White Gift Tissue

Premium white tissue is ultra 87 grade white with a smooth soft feel. It's made in the USA from 90% recycled fibers. This deluxe white tissue is available in 3 sheet sizes and a 20" wide roll. Tissue on a roll is often used when custom size sheets are needed or to wrap fragile items for packing.

Recycled White Tissue Paper

100% recycled white tissue has a slightly crisp feel with a brightness grade of 80. Strong 10 lb. basis weight tissue is available in three sheets sizes: 15X20", 18X24" and 20X30". Bestselling 20x30" size is stocked in 240 sheet half reams, 960 sheet full reams and bulk cartons containing five full reams.

Recycled Kraft Tissue

Brown kraft tissue paper is made from 100% recycled fibers in the USA. Strong 10 lb. basis weight tissue is packed flat in 15x20" and 20x30" sheets. This natural color tissue looks great with natural kraft shopping bags.

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Kraft and white tissue paper work as the perfect neutrals to help your designs pop! Use these neutral solids to enhance your custom printed bags or bring texture to your craft projects.

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