Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Gift Basket Supplies

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Shreds in 10 LB Boxes

Crinkle Cut Paper Shred 10 Lb

Shredded paper for gift baskets & boxes in small boxes.

Nashville Wraps Flora Satin Gift Pull Bows

Flora Satin Pull Bows

Beautifully formed gift bows every time! Available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your packaging needs.

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Print Market Trays With Handles

Wide Base Print Market Trays

Market trays for gift baskets with festive prints in a beveled design.

Nashville Wraps Basket Size 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Cellophane 1.2 mil Basket Bags

Extra large cellophane bags for gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Christmas Print Gift Basket Boxes

Christmas Basket Boxes

Holiday themed gift basket boxes make terrific Christmas gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Color Market Trays

Wide Base Color Market Trays

Sturdy solid color gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Clear Cello Rolls

Clear Cello Rolls

Ultra clear cellophane rolls for gift baskets and food wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Gift Basket Boxes

Color Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes in solid colors easily coordinate with any theme.

Nashville Wraps Clear Shrink Basket Bags

Clear Basket Shrink Bags

Flat and dome top shrink wrap bags available in a variety of sizes.

Nashville Wraps Special Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

Special Occasion Basket Boxes

Basket boxes for birthday, get well, baby, welcome and thank you.

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Corrugated gift basket trays for gift sets or baskets.

Nashville Wraps Christmas Print Cello Rolls

Christmas Cellophane Rolls

High quality printed cello rolls available in festive holiday designs.

Nashville Wraps Shallow Beveled Trays

Beveled Shallow Market Tray

Folding beveled gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Clear Poly Basket Bags

Clear 1.25 mil Poly Basket Bags

Now on Sale! Complete your gift baskets with these soft poly bags.

Nashville Wraps Gift Tags

Gift Tags

Colorful solid and pattern gift tags with prepunched hole for ribbon.

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Paper Shred in Small Packs

Crinkle Cut Shred Small Pack

Paper shred for gift baskets & boxes in small bags!

Nashville Wraps All Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

All Occasion Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes with colorful floral and classic designs.

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Print Cello Rolls

All Occasion Cellophane Rolls

Premium printed cello rolls featuring colorful everyday designs.

Nashville Wraps Enclosure Gift Cards and Envelopes

Enclosure Cards and Envelopes

Printed Enclosure Cards in seasonal and special occasion designs.

Nashville Wraps Wood Excelsior Shreds

Wood Excelsior Shred

Shredded Aspen Excelsior Wood for gift baskets!

Nashville Wraps Butterfly Pull Bows

Butterfly Pull Bows

Cute, quick and easy! Perfectly formed butterfly pull bows in eight classic colors.

Nashville Wraps Packing Tape

Packing Tape

Clear packing tape, shipping tape and gift wrapping tape in a variety of sizes.

Nashville Wraps Beveled Print Market Trays

Beveled Print Market Trays

Market Trays for gourmet and gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Now on Sale! Tissue Paper Shreds in colors and prints.

Nashville Wraps Clear Centerfold Shrink Wrap Rolls

Clear Centerfold Shrink Wrap

Strong high clarity shrink film is perfect for baskets and retail use.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Nested Boxes

Color Nested Boxes

Four Piece Sets of Solid Nested Boxes with a round or square design.

Nashville Wraps Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired Fabric Florist Ribbon

Wired taffeta ribbon in bold colors.

Nashville Wraps Beveled Tall Market Trays

Beveled Tall Market Trays

Tall market trays for gift baskets in solid matte colors.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Print Cello Rolls

Special Occasion Cellophane Rolls

Clear printed cello wrap in special occasion designs.

Nashville Wraps Wood Crate Containers

Wood Crates

Small, handmade wooden crates are perfect for gift sets.

Nashville Wraps Basket Box Bench Supports

Basket Box Benches

Sturdy cardboard insert benches support items in your gift basket box.

Nashville Wraps Stripe Burlap Container

Burlap Stripe Bag Container

Now on Sale! Burlap gift basket containers handles for easy carrying.

Nashville Wraps Shrink Wrap Tube Film Rolls

Shrink Wrap Tube Film

Tube shrink film protects items in shipping boxes.

Nashville Wraps Glue Dot Adhesive Products

Glue Dots

Removable glue dots are pressure sensitive adhesive dots for crafts and gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Cotton Containers for Gift Baskets or Storage

Cotton Gift Basket Container

Now on Sale! 100% Cotton Canvas Containers with sturdy handles.

Nashville Wraps Shrink Wrap Machines and Parts

Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink wrapping machines and parts used to seal the products inside.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Containers for Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements

Burlap Basket Containers

Durable burlap basket containers with a water resistant liner.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Cello Rolls

Color Cello Rolls

Closeout Pricing! Foodsafe color cello rolls for baskets and gifts.

Nashville Wraps Angle Gift Basket Boxes

Angle Basket Boxes

Unique bevel shaped gift basket boxes for any occasion.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Theme Gift Cards

Special Occasion Theme Cards

Special Occasion Gift Cards match themed basket boxes.

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Gift Cards

All Occasion Theme Cards are prepunched with matching basket boxes.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Theme Gift Cards

Solid Color Theme Gift Cards

Bright Color Gift Cards pair perfectly with matching basket boxes!

Gift Basket Supplies

Nashville Wraps has all the supplies you need to build the perfect gift basket! We can help you grow your gift basket business with unique & beautiful gift baskets supplies. Browse themed basket boxes, market trays, shredded paper filler, shrink wrap, cellophane basket bags, ribbon & bows.

Baskets & Containers

Our great selection of gift basket boxes, market trays & crates will make the perfect container for any gift basket. See why these products are superior for your basket business:

  • Dozens of options! These containers come in a variety of colors, prints & themes for holidays and special occasions!
  • Reusable & affordable so the recipient can use again for storage or re-gifting.
  • Economical & easy to store - these wholesale basket containers are cheaper than traditional baskets and arrive flat or stackable for efficient storage.

Shred & Basket Filler

From crinkle cut and tissue paper shreds to Springfill fine cut paper and wood excelsior, adding filler to your basket containers is important for support and to add color and texture. Nashville Wraps offers so many options in dozens of colors and various sizes to fit your needs from 40 lb cartons to 8 oz bags and everything in between. Browse our entire line of shred! 

Basket Bags & Cellophane Rolls

Finding the perfect size bag to showcase your gift baskets is easy with all the options in cello basket bags or poly bags. You might prefer clear cello rolls or cello rolls with printed designs. All of our cello is made in the USA, crystal clear and of the highest quality.

Shrink Wrap & Equipment

Find all the shrink wrapping supplies  you need for sealing your gift baskets. We carry shrink bags, wrap and film in many sizes. We offer both small and large packs and rolls. Shop top quality shrink wrap equipment and professional heat guns.

Ribbon, Bows & Basket Essentials

Top off your gift baskets with a beautiful bow or ribbon , like easy to use pull bows or make your own bow with any of our organza, satin or fabric ribbons. Promote your basket business with custom printed ribbon and labels. Call us at 1-800-547-9727 to talk to one of our custom print specialists today! Remember to add a cute gift tag or enclosure card !

Shop Nashville Wraps for the best selection for your gift basket business. We are here to help you succeed. Check out our gift basket blogs & themed how-to videos!