Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Gourmet Truffle and Candy Packaging

Nashville Wraps Side Gusset 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Gusset Clear Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane bags with gussets for candy, cookies and wine!

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Now on Sale! Hinged window lid & attached ribbon for beautiful boxes!

Nashville Wraps All Occasion Print Cello Bags

All Occasion Cellophane Treat Bags

Fun cello bags in designs like dots, stars, stripes, flowers & animal prints.

Nashville Wraps Macaron Cookie Boxes

Macaron Cookie & Candy Boxes

Slideout macaron cookie boxes in stunning colors!

Nashville Wraps Rigid Heart Candy Boxes

Heart Shaped Candy Boxes

Sturdy heart shaped candy boxes in beautiful colors!

Nashville Wraps Paper Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Paper Coffee Bags

Now on Sale! White, Kraft, Black and Paw Print bags.

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Candy Boxes

1 Piece Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! 1 Piece candy gift boxes in gourmet colors.

Nashville Wraps Flat 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Clear Flat Cellophane Bags

Clear flat cellophane bags for candy, cookies and favors!

Nashville Wraps Clear Candy & Truffle Boxes 

Clear Candy & Truffle Boxes

Clear plastic truffle boxes for candy and favor packaging.

Nashville Wraps Folding Presentation Boxes

Folding Presentation Candy Boxes

Candy boxes with easy to use popup design and attached ribbon make packaging quick!

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Clear biodegradable cellophane gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Stylish candy boxes with clear window lids are made from a strong and rigid material.

Nashville Wraps High Barrier 2.1 Mil Clear Cello Bags with cardboard inserts

High Barrier Hard Bottom Bags

Clear extra thick cellophane bags with cardboard bottom inserts!

Nashville Wraps Colorful Gift & Gourmet Boxes With Lids

Gourmet & Gift Boxes with Lids

Gourmet and gift boxes with lids are available in 4 sizes and many colors!

Nashville Wraps Slide Open Candy Boxes

Slide Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Save 10% Slide open design & window.

Nashville Wraps High Barrier 1.5 Mil Clear Cello Bags

High Barrier Cellophane Bags

Clear extra thick cellophane bags perfect for candy, gourmet food and bath and body products!

Nashville Wraps Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! 1 piece candy boxes with a swirl window in the lid.

Nashville Wraps Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Deluxe truffle boxes for special occasions.

Nashville Wraps Resealable Tape 1.2 Mil Cello Bags

Tape Resealable Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane bags with a tape strip!

Nashville Wraps Degradable Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Degradable Kraft paper coffee bags with tin tie closure.

Nashville Wraps Candy Truffle Boxes

Candy Truffle Boxes

Now on Sale! Small truffle boxes for candy and favor packaging!

Nashville Wraps Candy Cups & Pads For Candy & Chocolate Makers

Candy Cups & Pads

Paper candy cups and candy pads liners to fit any candy box size!

Nashville Wraps Stand Up Zipper Top 2.5 Mil Cello Pouch Bags

Stand Up Pouches 2.5 Mil

Resealable zip top bags with high barrier saran coating for protection of food and nonfood items.

Nashville Wraps Zip Top Cello Window Bags

Heavy Duty Stand Up Pouches

Now on Sale! Heavy duty zipper top window bags keep food fresh!

Nashville Wraps Candy Bags

Candy Bags

Paper candy bags are wax lined, grease & moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Candy Trays

Candy Trays

Plastic candy trays will keep your gourmet candy and treats separated and secure.

Nashville Wraps Gable Box Prints

Gable Box Prints

Gable Favor Boxes in fun printed designs are a unique way to gift!

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.6 Mil Clear Cello Bags with bottom inserts

Biodegradable Hard Bottom Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane gift bags with a flat hard bottom insert.

Nashville Wraps Clear Lid Colored Candy Boxes

Clear Lid Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! Candy boxes with clear lids for food packaging!

Rigid Candy and Gift Boxes

Rigid Candy and Gift Boxes

Now on Sale! Sturdy gift boxes with lids for candy and gifts!

Nashville Wraps Stand Up Zipper Top 3.5 Mil Cello Pouch Bags

Stand Up Pouches 3.5 Mil

Heavy Duty 3.5 mil zipper top bags. Saran coated with high barrier properties for food & other items.

Nashville Wraps USA Nested Gift Tower Boxes

U.S.A. Nested Box Tower Sets

Premium three piece sets of nested boxes in two size combinations.

Nashville Wraps Glassine Candy Bags

Glassine Candy Bags

Glassine candy bags are grease and moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Single Layer Ballotin Candy Boxes

Ballotin Candy Boxes

Now on Sale! 1 Piece Candy Boxes with a stylish tapered design.

Nashville Wraps Rigid Window Candy Boxes

Rigid Window Candy Boxes

Elegant rigid candy boxes with a clear window lid.

Nashville Wraps Stand Up Zipper Top 2.5 Mil Cello Bag Prints

Stand Up Pouch Prints

Now on Sale! Stand up zipper pouch bags in designs!

Nashville Wraps Herringbone Ribbon

Herringbone Ribbon

Now on Sale! Bright, fun stripes on white!

Nashville Wraps Clear Food Containers

Clear Food Containers

Clear plastic containers, lids & shrink bands for food and cookies. Available in many sizes and styles!

Nashville Wraps Designer Window Cello Bags

Designer Window 1.85 Mil Bags

Cello bags in classic colors and polka dots with clear window center.

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.6 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Heavy Weight Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Heavyweight, clear biodegradable cellophane gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Cone Shape 1.2 Mil Cello Bags

Cone Shaped Cellophane Bags

Now on Sale! Unique cello bags to package candy and favors.

Nashville Wraps Print  Mini Gable Boxes

Mini Gable Boxes

Mini Solid and Printed Gable Boxes with pop up design in packs of six.

Nashville Wraps Chinese Take Out Food Containers

Take Out Box Containers

FoldPak® Chinese wire handle takeout boxes in recycled Kraft or white.

Nashville Wraps Zip Top Plastic Bags

Poly Plastic Zipper Bags

Clear resealable poly bags bulk packed in a variety of sizes!

Nashville Wraps Glassine Lined Color Candy Bags

Glassine Lined Color Candy Bags

Paper candy bags in popular colors are wax lined, grease and moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Clear Poly Plastic Bags

Clear Poly Plastic Bags

Now on Sale! Sealable clear poly bags bulk packed in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Coffee Bags with Degassing Valve

Coffee Pouches With Valves

Free standing black, white, and kraft coffee bags with one way degassing valves.

Nashville Wraps Square Favor Boxes

Square Favor Boxes

Square Favor Boxes for party gifts or grab and go gifts.

Nashville Wraps Gold Stripe 1.7 Mil Cello Bags

Gold Stripe 1.7 Mil Cello Bags

Clear cello treat bags with metallic gold stripes.

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Nested Boxes

Gourmet Nested Box Sets

Closeout Pricing! Two Piece Nested Gourmet Boxes in Christmas and everyday designs.

Gourmet Truffle and Candy Packaging

Gourmet candy is not only a delight for your taste buds, but also for your eyes. We think the packaging it comes in should be just as sense-catching as the sweets within! Select from a variety of printed, windowed, & favor boxes; cello or paper bags; and a host of accessories & decorations to make mouths water before the package is even open.

Candy Box Supplies

Receiving a box of chocolates and sweets from someone dear is a time honored tradition the world over and Nashville Wraps has an extensive collection of the perfect candy packaging products to make the most of your special occasion!

  • Love is big business- whether for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or 'just because', our rigid Heart Boxes are the perfect package to help your customer's special person know exactly how they feel. Customize your look by adding one of our stockline satin ribbons   or even custom printed ribbon! Don't forget the candy cups and matching heart shaped candy pads  for that professional polish.
  • Our Chocolatier-approved Presentation & Window boxes are glitzy, glam, & gorgeous! Choose from our hinged boxes that include a matching ribbon closure or our rigid two-piece boxes and choose your own!
  • Convenient 1- and 2- piece chocolate truffle and candy ballotin boxes fold flat for easy retail storage and are a perfect match for our pre-tied metallic pretied metallic stretch loops .
  • Keeping your delicatessen delights separated and secure has never been easier than with our candy cups and candy trays  , or let them snuggle close on our confection pads
  • Candy Bags

    Food-safe candy and treat bags are an eye-catching and versatile way to package loose and bulk sweets. Select the perfect packaging for your products with our line of Cello, Hi-Barrier, Printed, Zip-Top and Sealable bags.

    Printed and clear cello bags are a great way to show off your merchandise, and we have designs for any occasion, big or small! Our Tin-Tie and Zip-top bags are a great, re-sealable option for long-lasting freshness.

    Our candy and glassine bags are perfect for snacks on the go or individual party favors. These bags are great to keep behind display counters for custom made assortments.

    Food Containers

    Check out our clear food containers - with single and multi-section options, a variety of shapes, as well as tamper-seal shrink bands, these are a fantastic choice for shelf-ready displays of your merchandise. Take your look to the next level with one of our satin stretch loops 

    Welcome the Year of the Boar in style with our Take-out boxes - absolutely food safe and in sizes that range from 8 to 32 ounces! Available as microwave-safe or with a wire handle.