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Wired Ribbon

Nashville Wraps Wired Ribbon

Wired Plaid Ribbons

Soft fabric ribbons in multiple plaid styles with a wired edge!

Nashville Wraps Wired Encore Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Encore Sheer Organza

Sheer Encore Ribbon is very sheer ribbon with a lightweight wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas Plaid Ribbon

Wired Christmas Traditions Ribbon

Traditional Designs Wired Ribbon in beautiful holiday colors!

Nashville Wraps Wired Satin Edge Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Satin Edge Sheer Organza

Organza ribbon is delicate sheer ribbon with wired satin edges.

Nashville Wraps Closeout Ribbon

Clearance Ribbon

Final mark down ribbons! Several designs to choose from including seasonal and everyday.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Edge Ribbon

Wired Metallic Edge Sheer

Shimmer organza ribbon with a metallic wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Wired Pom Pom Cord Ribbon

Creative Pom Pom Ribbon with easy to shape wire in fun bright colors!

Nashville Wraps Wired Satin Stripe Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Satin Stripe Sheer

Wired organza ribbon with a smooth satin stripe through the center.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Edge Mesh Ribbon

Now on Sale! Gorgeous Sheer Ribbon with a wired metallic edge always holds shape!

Nashville Wraps Wired Glitz Ribbon

Wired Glitz Ribbons

Black Friday Special! Save 20% Festive Solid & Printed Wired Ribbons make the perfect Christmas bow!

Nashville Wraps Metallic Christmas Stripes

Metallic Christmas Stripes

Black Friday Special! Save 20% Sheer and solid ribbons in traditional Christmas colors!

Nashville Wraps Wired Glitter Swirl Sheer Ribbon

Sheer Metallic Swirl Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with glitter swirl accents.

Nashville Wraps Fall Ribbons

Wired Fall Ribbons

Now On Sale! Wired Ribbon in autumn colors and prints create the perfect fall bow!

Nashville Wraps Wired Heavy Burlap Ribbon

Wired Heavy Natural Burlap

Stylish Burlap Ribbon with a wired edge is made from natural jute.

Nashville Wraps Wired Christmas Ribbons

Wired Christmas Ribbons

Wired edge ribbons perfect for Christmas!

Nashville Wraps Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Wired Polka Dot Sheer Ribbon

Sheer organza ribbon with white polka dots and a wired edge.

Nashville Wraps Sheer Metallic Stripes

Sheer Metallic Stripes

Sheer ribbon with satin stripes.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Mesh Ribbon

Shimmery Wired Metallic Sheer Ribbon quickly creates an upscale look!

Wired Metallic Weave Mesh Ribbon

Wired Metallic Mesh Weave Ribbon

Black Friday Special! Save 20% Sheer Wired Metallic Ribbon with open weave with shiny sequins!

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Stretch Ribbon

Wired Stretch Metallic Mesh

Black Friday Special! Save 25% Unique Metallic Mesh Ribbon with a stretchable wired edge!

Nashville Wraps Metallic Diagonal Stripes

Metallic Diagonal Stripes

Black Friday Special! Save 25% Satin ribbon with metallic diagonal stripes!

Nashville Wraps Organza Wired Sheer Glitter Grids

Wired Sheer Glitter Grids

Black Friday Special! Save15% Trendy ribbon add glitz and sparkle to your Christmas packaging.

Nashville Wraps Wired Metallic Christmas Ribbon

Vibrant Metallic Ribbon

Now on Sale! Vibrant metallic wired ribbon in purple and teal colors.

Wired Ribbon

Serious gift wrappers and crafters know how valuable a good wired ribbon can be. A wire edged ribbon can make the difference between a large fluffy bow and a droopy flat bow. Wired ribbons for wreath making and crafts can help unleash your creativity.

No matter what your project is, from gift wrapping for family gifts to stocking up your store, Nashville Wraps has exactly what you need!

Wired Sheer Ribbon

Nothing draws attention to a gift like a huge, beautiful bow that perfectly complements a gift wrap. Choosing a sheer ribbon with a wired edge allows you to tie large bows, without taking all of the focus off the gift.

Nashville Wraps has countless options of colors and styles to choose from. If you want a sheer ribbon with polka dots, glitter accents or a simple sheer ribbon, we have the ribbon for you! Available in bulk rolls perfect for in store use or for the home crafters!

Wired Christmas Ribbons

Christmas gift giving is a time for elegance. Pair one of our Wired Christmas Ribbons with a beautiful Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper  to make the perfect presentation of your gifts. With so many prints to choose from including plaids, stripes, Christmas Trucks, and even regal purple ribbons; Nashville Wraps has the perfect ribbon to complete your package.

Wired Burlap Ribbons

Burlap ribbon is perfect for wreath making, crafts, and gift wrapping. Many people love the natural look and feel of burlap ribbon, as it compliments their rustic or country d├ęcor and themes. This eco-friendly material adds an interesting texture to your gifts.

No matter what your ribbon needs are, from satin, sheer, grosgrain, metallic, glitter, linen, or burlap - available in a variety of textures and patterns - Nashville Wraps extensive collection of ribbon will help you add the finishing touch to your gift wrapping, scrapbooking and crafting projects! Check out our Blog  for cool ideas on how to use ribbon to add visual interest, make ribbon flowers, or just cool bows to tie!