Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Easter Basket Packaging and Supplies

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Shreds in 10 LB Boxes

Crinkle Cut Paper Shred 10 Lb

Shredded paper for gift baskets & boxes in small 10 lb boxes!

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

Convenient gift and gourmet boxes with hinged window lid & attached ribbon for beautiful bows!

Nashville Wraps Flora Satin Gift Pull Bows

Flora Satin Pull Bows

Beautifully formed gift bows every time! Available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your packaging needs.

Nashville Wraps Basket Size 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Cellophane Basket Bags

Extra large cellophane bags for gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps organza sheer drawstring gift bag pouches

Organza Sheer Bags

Now On Sale! Organza sheer pouches with satin drawstring in lots of colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre-tied Satin Gift Bows

Pre tied satin bows with twist ties are perfect to tie cello bags!

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes and cupcake boxes in pink, white & chocolate.

Nashville Wraps Colorful Gift & Gourmet Boxes With Lids

Gourmet & Gift Boxes with Lids

Gourmet and gift boxes with lids are available in 4 sizes and many colors!

Nashville Wraps Clear Cello Rolls

Clear Cello Rolls

Ultra clear cellophane rolls for gift baskets and food wrapping.

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Color Market Trays

Wide Base Color Market Trays

Sturdy solid color gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps USA Nested Gift Tower Boxes

U.S.A. Nested Box Tower Sets

Premium three piece sets of nested boxes in two size combinations.

Nashville Wraps Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Gourmet Rigid Window Boxes

Stylish candy boxes with clear window lids are made from a strong and rigid material.

Nashville Wraps Color Tulle Ribbon Rolls

Value Color Tulle Ribbon

Great value pricing on tulle rolls in popular colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Shallow Beveled Trays

Beveled Shallow Market Tray

Folding beveled gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Gift Basket Boxes

Color Basket Boxes

Gift basket boxes in solid colors easily coordinate with any theme.

Nashville Wraps Premium USA Tulle Ribbon

Premium Color Tulle Ribbon

Premium nylon netting color tulle perfect for skirts, tutus and other crafts.

Nashville Wraps Macaron Cookie Boxes

Macaron Cookie & Candy Boxes

Slideout macaron cookie boxes in stunning colors!

Nashville Wraps Special Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

Special Occasion Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes for Birthday, Get Well, Baby, Valentines Day, Halloween, & more!

Nashville Wraps Folding Presentation Boxes

Folding Presentation Candy Boxes

Candy boxes with easy to use popup design and attached ribbon make packaging quick!

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Paper Shred in Small Packs

Crinkle Cut Shred Small Pack

Paper shred for gift baskets & boxes in small bags!

Nashville Wraps Green Way Eco Fill Shred in 6 LB Boxes

Green Way Paper Shred 6 Lb

GreenWay® crinkle cut shred in large 6 pound cartons.

Nashville Wraps Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Cabana Stripes Ribbon

Natural Tone Grosgrain Ribbon featuring a colorful stripe design.

Nashville Wraps Slide Open Candy Boxes

Slide Candy Boxes

Black Friday Special! Save10% Fun and unique candy boxes with a slide open design and poly window.

Nashville Wraps Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Stylish 1 piece candy boxes with a swirl window in the lid.

Nashville Wraps Festive Gourmet Window Gift Boxes

Window Favor and Gift Boxes

Clear Acetate Window Boxes with hook and loop closures in fun designs.

Nashville Wraps Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Rigid Truffle Candy Boxes

Black Friday Special! Save15% Deluxe truffle boxes with lids are for special occasions.

Nashville Wraps Wired Encore Sheer Organza Ribbon

Wired Encore Sheer Organza

Sheer Encore Ribbon is very sheer ribbon with a lightweight wired edge.

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Corrugated gift basket trays are perfect for gift sets or traditional gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Nested Boxes

Color Nested Boxes

Four Piece Sets of Solid Nested Boxes with a round or square design.

Nashville Wraps Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Deluxe Curling Ribbon

Now On Sale! Fun, bright, glossy and metallic colors for Christmas and gift wrapping!

Nashville Wraps Basket Box Bench Supports

Basket Box Benches

Sturdy cardboard insert benches for gift basket boxes to support your products!

Nashville Wraps Glue Dot Adhesive Products

Glue Dots

Removable glue dots are pressure sensitive adhesive dots for crafts and gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Print Cello Bags

Special Occasion Cellophane Treat Bags

Printed Cello Bags for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter & Halloween.

Nashville Wraps White Corrugated Cake Pads

Cake Boards

Round and rectangular cake boards available in many sizes to fit inside our bakery boxes.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Print Cello Rolls

Special Occasion Cellophane Rolls

Ultra clear printed cello wrap in several special occasion designs.

Nashville Wraps Take Out Favor Boxes

Take Out Favor Boxes

Clear and Frosted Favor Boxes with pre attached wire handles.

Nashville Wraps Pre-tied Sheer Gift Bows

Pre-tied Sheer Gift Bows

Pre tied sheer organza bows with twist ties are the perfect finishing touch!

Nashville Wraps Cupcake Holder Inserts

Cupcake Holder Inserts

Cupcake box inserts for standard and mini size cupcakes!

Nashville Wraps Wood Crate Containers

Wood Crates

Now on Sale! Small, handmade wooden crates are perfect for gift sets!

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Tissue paper for gift bags in baby and Valentines Day prints!

Nashville Wraps Sweet Treat Gift Favor Boxes

Sweet Treat Gift Boxes

Small gift basket or favor boxes in a wide variety of designs and solid colors.

Nashville Wraps Print  Mini Gable Boxes

Mini Gable Boxes

Mini Solid and Printed Gable Boxes with pop up design in packs of six.

Nashville Wraps Stand Up Zipper Top 2.5 Mil Cello Bag Prints

Stand Up Zipper Top Prints

Now on Sale! Stand up zipper pouch bags in everyday and seasonal printed designs!

Nashville Wraps organza wrappers

Organza Wrappers

Now On Sale! Round organza wrappers with tassel cords quickly wrap wine bottles, gifts and baskets!

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Paper Gift Bags

Solid Color Gift Bags

Solid color paper bags are perfect for party favors or lunch sacks!

Nashville Wraps Herringbone Ribbon

Herringbone Ribbon

Now On Sale! Bright, fun stripes on white!

Nashville Wraps Stripe Burlap Container

Burlap Stripe Bag Container

Burlap gift basket containers with cute stripes and handles for easy carrying.

Nashville Wraps Cone Shape 1.2 Mil Cello Bags

Cone Shaped Cellophane Bags

Unique cone shaped cello bags are a fun way to package your candy!

Nashville Wraps Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon

Soft Woven Grosgrain Ribbon featuring two sides of colorful stripes.

Nashville Wraps Clear Cello Floral Bouquet Sleeves

Clear Bouquet Sleeves and Wraps

Clear open and sealed bottom flower sleeves! Lots of size options!

Nashville Wraps Angle Gift Basket Boxes

Angle Basket Boxes

Unique bevel shapped gift basket boxes for any occasion.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Containers for Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements

Burlap Basket Containers

Durable burlap basket containers with a water resistent liner!

Nashville Wraps Mneral Paper Floral Sleeves and Bouquet Wrap Sheets

Mineral Paper Floral Sleeves & Wraps

Simple eco friendly flower wraps and sleeves that are soft to the touch!

Nashville Wraps Cotton Containers for Gift Baskets or Storage

Cotton Gift Basket Container

Cloth Containers with handles make great gift baskets or storage containers.

Nashville Wraps Floral Fabric Sheets

Floral Fabric Flower Wraps

Now On Sale! Decorative fresh flower wraps with several style options & center cut for stems.

Nashville Wraps Floral Flip Sheet Bouquet Wrap

Floral Flower Wraps

Special Pricing! These high quality flower wraps will accent and protect flower arrangements!

Nashville Wraps Ruffle Edge Satin Ribbon

Satin Double Ruffle Ribbon

Now On Sale! Adorable satin ribbon with a fun ruffled edge!

Nashville Wraps Cone Shaped Favor Boxes

Cone Shaped Favor Boxes

Unique cone shaped favor boxes are great for parties!

Nashville Wraps Printed Floral Bouquet Sleeves

Printed Floral Bouquet Sleeves

Decorative prints on easy to use open bottom flower sleeves!

Easter Packaging

Easter is a day to celebrate! We have all the supplies you need for planning a large gathering or event or a small Easter Egg hunt for your family! Choose from nested boxes or themed basket boxes for centerpieces and Easter baskets, gift bags, cello bags for candy, basket bags, ribbons and more! Browse our huge selection of Easter supplies today!

Easter Basket Supplies

Finding a basket on Easter morning left just for them, and filled with all of their favorite candy and toys brings joy to children of all ages! Nashville Wraps has everything you need to complete the perfect Easter Basket!

  • Basket boxes are a great way to create themed baskets! Pair one of our themed boxes with a basket bag , a little bit of shredded paper filler  and top with a pull bow!
  • Market Trays are another great option to create a basket or table center piece! Our market trays come in a variety of sizes, prints and solid color options! These market trays are sturdy and can be reused over and over again!
  • Candy and cookie boxes make a perfect gift for older children and family members! Candy boxes can also be used as basket stuffers!
  • Cellophane and polypropylene "cello" bags are perfect candy bags. These bags come in many sizes and clear or printed options! These bags make the perfect box stuffers or can stand alone as a favor bag for your event!

Bakery and Cupcake Boxes

Don't forget to stock up on bakery boxes and cupcake packaging! We stock all the boxes you could every need for handmade cakes, pies and cupcakes; along with the grease resistant cake pads and cupcake inserts!

We not only stock each box, cake pad and cupcake inserts in bulk packs, at wholesale prices, we also have conveniently pre-packed small packs of every size and color! These small packs are perfect for small at home bakeries, so you can have a variety of sizes without taking up the space and investment of bulk packing! The small pack is great for room moms and people who just love to bake! You will always have the perfect size box to transport your baked goods safely!

Floral Sleeves and Wraps

Everyone loves flowers! When you don't know what else to bring to a dinner party or holiday event, you can never go wrong with beautiful flowers! Browse through our floral supplies so you can bring the beauty of Spring to your host! We offer clear bouquet sleeves, which are perfect for holding in the drips of water, fabric wraps that will wrap your flowers in a burst of color and texture, and printed bouquet sleeves to give just the perfect accent to your choice of arrangement. Don't forget the enclosure cards  and water resistant florist satin acetate ribbons !