Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Paper Bags

Great Sale Prices! Recycled brown kraft paper gift bags with handles are perfect for retail use!

Nashville Wraps Recycled Kraft Tint Shopping Bags

Recycled Kraft Color Shopping Bags

Now On Sale! Fun and Tradional color shopping bags with handles!

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X30

Color Tissue Paper 20x30

Now On Sale! Gift Tissue Paper in vibrant colors.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 15X20

Color Tissue Paper 15x20

Now On Sale! Gift Tissue Paper in bright and vivid colors!

Nashville Wraps White Recycled Tissue Paper

White Recycled Tissue Paper

Bulk recycled white tissue paper is the perfect accent to gift bags and gift boxes.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Brown Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes

Brown Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Filled brown kraft jewelry gift boxes are an eco friendly option.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Tissue Paper

Floral & Nature Print Tissue Designs

Tissue gift paper in bulk with lovely floral designs and natural prints.

Nashville Wraps Classic Print Tissue Paper

Classic Tissue Paper

Gift tissue paper designs in classic stripes, gingham, plaid, chevron and elegant prints.

Nashville Wraps White Gift Boxes

White Gift Boxes

Now on Sale! High quality recycled white gloss gift boxes.

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes and cupcake boxes in pink, white & chocolate.

Nashville Wraps White Premium Tissue Paper

White Premium Tissue Paper

Premium White gift tissue paper is strong & ultra white.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Assorted Color Tissue Paper 20X26

Color Tissue Paper 20x26

Now On Sale! Bold Tissue Paper in statement making shades!

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Garden Blooms Paper Bags

Watercolor Garden Blooms Gift Bags

Handpainted watercolor flowers in bright red, pink and yellow on a white background.

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Print Tissue Paper

Polka Dot Tissue Paper

Polka dot printed tissue paper for gift bags in a variety of colors and sizes!

Nashville Wraps Kraft and White Paper Merchandise Bags

Kraft & White Merchandise Bags

White & Recycled Brown kraft paper merchandise bags are available in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Kraft Recycled Tissue Paper

Kraft Recycled Tissue Paper

Brown Kraft Gift tissue paper is perfect to use in gift bags or inside gift boxes!

Nashville Wraps White Apparel Boxes

White Apparel Boxes

Now on Sale! Recycled White apparel gift boxes with lids!

Nashville Wraps Recycled Eco Tone Color Jewelry Gift Boxes

Recycled Color Jewelry Boxes

Cotton filled jewelry gift boxes in bright and traditional colors.

Nashville Wraps Plastic T Shirt Bag Prints

Recycled Plastic T-Shirt Bag Prints

Recycled T Sack bags are available in great printed designs.

Ombre Flowers Gift Bags

Ombre Flowers Paper Bags

Beautiful Blue and Green flowers on a white background.

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.2 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Clear biodegradable cellophane gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Greenery Paper Bags

Watercolor Greenery Paper Bags

Paper gift bags with handles feature hand painted vines in soft hues of blue and green.

Nashville Wraps Color Plastic T Shirt Bags

Recycled Plastic Color T-Shirt Bags

Recycled solid color T sacks plastic bags are available in 3 sizes!

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Candy Boxes

1 Piece Candy Boxes

Now On Sale! 1 Piece candy gift boxes in gourmet colors.

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade USA Brilliant Color Tissue Paper Flat 20X30

Color Tissue Paper Flat 20x30

Select colors now on Sale! Bright and colorful gift tissue paper in fun and traditional shades!

Nashville Wraps Plastic Studio Bags

Recycled Plastic Studio Bags

Soft loop recycled plastic studio bags are affordable & ecofriendly.

Nashville Wraps #1 Grade Assorted Color Tissue 20X26 Value Packs

Color Tissue 20x26 Value Packs

Now On Sale! Gift Tissue Paper in captivating colors! Value pack of 240 sheets.

Nashville Wraps Recycled White Paper Bags

Recycled White Kraft Bags

Recycled white kraft paper gift bags with handles are perfect for retail use!

Nashville Wraps Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal Print Tissue Paper

Aminal print tissue paper for gift wrapping featuring paw print, leopard and zebra designs!

Black & White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid

Black and White Buffalo Plaid check shopping bags are the perfect gift bag for all year

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Gift Tissue Paper 20X30 Folds

Color Tissue Paper 24 Sheet Packs

Now On Sale! Tissue paper in bright and bold colors! Small pack of 24 sheets.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Paper Merchandise Bags

Economy Recycled Paper Bags

Recycled merchandise bags made from random designs of reclaimed paper with several sizes available.

Farmhouse Gift Bags

Farmhouse Favorites Shopping Bags

Farmhouse Favorites shopping bags have fabulous icons from this trendy fun look.

Nashville Wraps Customizable Tuscan Harvest Kraft Bags

Tuscan Harvest Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bags feature a berry and leaf design.

Nashville Wraps Wildflower Meadow Bags

Wildflower Meadow Bags

Wildflower Meadow Shopping Bags feature fields of flowers in pink, blue and yellow.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Kraft Tint Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft Apparel Boxes

Now on Sale! Kraft apparel gift boxes with lids have a classy pinstripe design.

Farmhouse Birds Paper Gift Bags

Farmhouse Birds Paper Shopping Bags

Farmhouse Birds shopping bags have green leaf wreath, black pinstipe ribbon accents and naural birds.

Nashville Wraps Recycled White Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes

Recycled White Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Now On Sale! Recycled White Kraft Boxes with non tarnishing white cotton fill. Add your logo!

Nashville Wraps Sunflower Fields Bags

Sunflower Fields Bags

Recycled brown kraft paper shopping bags with bright yellow sunflowers.

Mint & Pink Floral Gift Bags

Fresh Mint Floral Paper Gift Bags

Sweet pink floral with mint green background.

Nashville Wraps Blue Bird Berries Bags

Blue Bird Berries Shopping Bags

Recycled White Kraft Shopping Bags feature bright blue bird are great for Spring and Summer.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Tissue paper for gift bags in baby and Valentines Day prints!

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.6 Mil Clear Cello Bags with bottom inserts

Biodegradable Hard Bottom Cellophane Bags

Clear cellophane gift bags with a flat hard bottom insert.

Nashville Wraps Cottage Rose Garden Bags

Cottage Rose Garden Bags

White Kraft paper bags feature pink floral rose design, full of vintage English cottage charm!

Nashville Wraps Gilded Blooms Bags

Gilded Blooms Paper Bags

Glossy Paper Bags with pink blooms and gold accents.

Nashville Wraps Lace Borders Kraft Bags

Lace Borders Kraft Bags

Lace Borders features a delicate lace design on recycled kraft paper make great Wedding bags.

Nashville Wraps Green Way Eco Fill Shred in 6 LB Boxes

Green Way Paper Shred 6 Lb

GreenWay® crinkle cut shred in large 6 pound cartons.

Nashville Wraps Swirl Window Candy Boxes

Swirl Window Candy Boxes

1 piece candy boxes with a stylish swirl window in the lid.

Nashville Wraps Ivy Lane Kraft Bags

Ivy Lane Kraft Bags

Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with ivy design for ecofriendly retail packaging.

Nashville Wraps Christmas Print Tissue Paper

Christmas Tissue Paper

Festive tissue paper for gift bags in fun and traditional holiday designs.

Nashville Wraps Biodegradable 1.6 Mil Clear Cello Bags

Heavy Weight Biodegradable Cellophane Bags

Heavyweight, clear biodegradable cellophane gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Bio Pak Take Out Food Containers

Bio Pak Take Out Containers

Solid Kraft or window BioPlus Earth® takeout boxes in several sizes.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Tissue Paper Shreds in a variety of colors.

Nashville Wraps Green Way Eco Fill Shred in 24 LB Cartons

Green Way Paper Shred 24 Lb

Recycled GreenWay® crinkle cut shred in large 24 pound cartons.

Nashville Wraps Falling Leaves Shopping Bags

Falling Leaves Paper Bags

Falling Leaves Paper Shopping bags feature swirling maple leaves.

Nashville Wraps Natural Raffia Ribbon

Natural Raffia

Raffia natural ribbon made from vegetable fibers!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Green Way® is Nashville Wraps brand that signifies:

  • Recycled Material
  • Degradable or compostable material
  • Natural or sustainable packaging

When we created this brand, we did so with an exacting set of requirements for both materials and manufacturing. Nashville Wraps offers Green Way® products in many categories, all you have to do is look for the Green Way logo on the order entry screen!

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Packaging

Jewelry is a gift as old as time! Whether you are giving the love of your life a gift, or if you make your own reclaimed jewelry, we have the perfect size and color box for you! Choose from brown kraft, white or bright bold colors. You can rest assured that not only are our Jewelry boxes eco-friendly, they are also Made in the USA!

Eco-Friendly To Go, Bakery Boxes and Candy Boxes

At Nashville Wraps, we take eco-friendly packaging seriously- that is why we have so many choices! We have the right packaging materials for bakeries selling cupcakes, cakes and pies; restaurants looking for to go packaging; or chocolatiers wanting to package their natural or organic treats! We also offer a selection of candy trays  and candy cups and pads  to protect your treats.

Eco-Friendly Bags

It doesn't matter if you are looking for simple or sophisticated; we have options to suit your needs.

Recycled paper shopping bags are offered in solid brown kraft, white kraft, or solid colors. These bags are easy to print with your company logo or event name, and turn into a walking billboard for you!

Recycled plastic grocery or T-sack bags and plastic shopping bags make a great low cost option for quick grab and go sales, or can be used for lunch sacks!

Our selection of recycled shopping bag prints is second to none! We take pride in designing our own bags, and offer a wide section! Check out all of our new paper shopping bag designs here !