Gift, Gourmet & Retail Packaging

Small Quantity Packs of Retail Packaging

Nashville Wraps Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal Print Tissue Paper

Animal print tissue paper for gift wrapping featuring paw print, leopard and zebra designs.

Nashville Wraps Backyard Birds Gift Bags

Backyard Birds Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Beautiful birds and flowering branches.

Nashville Wraps 1 Piece Gourmet Bakery Boxes

Bakery Boxes

Bakery and cupcake boxes in pink, white and chocolate.

Nashville Wraps Degradable Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Biodegradable Kraft paper coffee bags with tin tie closure.

Nashville Wraps Black & White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid Gift Bags

Black and White Buffalo Plaid check paper gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Boho Breeze Gift Bags

Boho Breeze Paper Gift Bags

Save 15%! A free–spirited look with a modern yet vintage appeal.

Nashville Wraps Brown Kraft Gift Boxes

Brown Kraft Gift Boxes

Recycled brown kraft gift boxes.

Nashville Wraps Customizable Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Brown Kraft Shopping Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Brown Kraft gift bags with paper twist handles.

Nashville Wraps Butterfly Leopard Gift Bags

Butterfly Leopard Paper Gift Bags

Floral featuring metallic gold leopard print, mushroom and butterfly on black.

Nashville Wraps White Corrugated Cake Pads

Cake Boards

Cake boards to fit inside our bakery boxes.

Nashville Wraps Candy Bags

Candy Bags

Candy bags are wax lined, grease & moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Candy Cups & Pads For Candy & Chocolate Makers

Candy Cups & Pads

Paper candy cups and candy pad liners.

Nashville Wraps Christmas Village Gift Bags

Christmas Village Gift Bags

A whimsical winter scene featuring brightly colored houses on a snow covered street.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Kraft Tint Shopping Bags

Color Recycled Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

Kraft color brown paper shopping bags.

Nashville Wraps Assorted Color Gift Tissue Paper 20X30 Folds

Color Tissue Paper 24 Sheet Packs

Buy More – Save More! Color tissue paper in small pack of 24 sheets.

Nashville Wraps Crinkle Cut Paper Shred in Small Packs

Crinkle Cut Shred Small Pack

Buy More – Save More! Paper shred for gift baskets & boxes.

Nashville Wraps Cupcake Holder Inserts

Cupcake Holder Inserts

Cupcake box inserts for standard and mini size cupcakes.

Nashville Wraps Dalmatian Dots Gift Bags

Dalmatian Dots Gift Bags

Animal print and pet lovers alike will love this new design.

Nashville Wraps Enchanted Santa Gift Bags

Enchanted Santa Gift Bags

This collection features assorted images of Santa and his furry friends.

Nashville Wraps Floral Print Tissue Paper

Floral & Nature Print Tissue Designs

Tissue gift paper in bulk with lovely floral designs and natural prints.

Nashville Wraps Floral Rain Paper Gift Bags

Floral Rain Paper Gift Bags

Abstract watercolor blossoms with brushstroke raindrops in background.

Nashville Wraps Gingham Check Gift Bags

Gingham Gift Bags

Traditional gingham gift bags for a country look.

Nashville Wraps Glassine Candy Bags

Glassine Candy Bags

Buy More – Save More! Candy bags are grease & moisture resistant.

Nashville Wraps Golden Leopard Paper Gift Bags

Golden Leopard Paper Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Golden Leopard design with gloss black and metallic gold.

Nashville Wraps Holiday Botanicals Gift Bags

Holiday Botanicals Gift Bags

A variety of Christmas sentiments grace the front of these bags in a gold metallic script.

Nashville Wraps Paw Print Gift Bags

Kraft Paw Prints Gift Bags

Bold black paw prints on natural brown kraft.

Nashville Wraps Lipstick Leopard Gift Bags

Lipstick Leopard Paper Gift Bags

Lipstick Leopard gift bags in pink, black and metallic gold.

Nashville Wraps Macaron Cookie Boxes

Macaron Cookie & Candy Boxes

Slideout window macaron cookie boxes in stunning colors.

Nashville Wraps Majestic Cardinal Christmas Gift Bags

Majestic Cardinal Gift Bags

Closeout Pricing! A bright red cardinal sits atop an evergreen bough.

Nashville Wraps Marble Splash Gift Bags

Marble Splash Paper Gift Bags

Marbleized pour paint design accented with metallic gold accents.

Nashville Wraps Matte Tint White Kraft Bags

Matte Color Paper Shopping Bags

Matte color shopping bags printed on white kraft paper.

Nashville Wraps Wide Metallic Stretch Loops

Metallic Stretch Loops with Pre-Tied Bows

Pre–tied elastic bows in metallic red, silver, and gold.

Nashville Wraps Midnight Flurry Christmas Bags

Midnight Flurry Paper Gift Bags

A midnight snow flurry creates an enchanting scene for the holidays.

Nashville Wraps Moonlit Blooms Gift Bags

Moonlit Blooms Gift Bags

Large flowers in pink and green on black background.

Nashville Wraps Nouveau Gold Gift Bags

Nouveau Gold Paper Gift Bags

Elegant gold ornamental flowery fan pattern in metallic gold.

Nashville Wraps Nutcracker Dance Gift Bags

Nutcracker Dance Gift Bags

Nutcracker Dance adds whimsy to your holiday.

Nashville Wraps Ornamental Elegance Christmas Bags

Ornamental Elegance Gift Bags

A collection of elegant ornaments reminiscence of old world charm is a perfect choice for holiday packaging.

Nashville Wraps Painted Desert Gift Bags

Painted Desert Paper Gift Bags

Abstract swirling pattern with metallic gold accents.

Nashville Wraps Paper Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Paper Coffee Bags

White, Kraft, and Paw Print coffee bags.

Nashville Wraps Paper Mailing Envelopes

Paper Shipping Mailers

Mailing envelopes for your e–commerce shipping.

Nashville Wraps Paws and Hearts Gift Bags

Paws and Hearts Paper Gift Bags

Gift bags with black paws and small brown hearts.

Nashville Wraps Pennies Poppies Gift Bags

Pennies Poppies Gift Bags

Hot pink poppies on bright orange for a happy bold look!

Nashville Wraps Persian Blooms Gift Bags

Persian Blooms Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Beautiful handpainted flowers in a blue and white vase.

Nashville Wraps Polka Dot Print Tissue Paper

Polka Dot Tissue Paper

Polka dot printed tissue paper for gift bags in a variety of colors and sizes.

Nashville Wraps Plastic Mailing Envelopes

Poly Mailers

Save up to 40%! Plastic envelopes make e–commerce easy.

Nashville Wraps Pumpkin Plaid Gift Bags

Pumpkin Plaid Gift Bags

Designed for the fall season, these pumpkins and leaves celebrate the beautiful colors of autumn.

Nashville Wraps Rainbow Confetti Gift Bags

Rainbow Confetti Gift Bags

Bright multi color polka dots for birthday gift bags.

Nashville Wraps Black Matte Jewelry Gift Boxes

Recycled Black Matte Jewelry Boxes

Recycled Black matte jewelry boxes.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Brown Kraft Jewelry Gift Boxes

Recycled Brown Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Recycled brown kraft jewelry in cartons and small packs.

Nashville Wraps 100% Recycled Brown Kraft Bags

Recycled Brown Paper Bags

Select sizes on Sale! Recycled brown paper bags with handles for retail

Nashville Wraps Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Recycled Color Tissue Shreds

Buy More – Save More! Tissue Paper Shreds in colors and prints.

Nashville Wraps Red Bird Berries Paper Gift Bags

Red Bird Berries Paper Gift Bags

Brown kraft gift bags with cardinals & berries.

Nashville Wraps Retro Trees Gift Bags

Retro Trees Christmas Gift Bags

Bright Retro Trees on a metallic silver background

Nashville Wraps Romantic Blooms Gift Bags

Romantic Blooms Gift Bags

Brown kraft gift bags with cascading blooms and greenery.

Nashville Wraps Recycled Rustic Berry Snowman Bags

Rustic Berry Snowman Gift Bags

Rustic Berry Snowman bags feature top hat snowman.

Nashville Wraps Rustic Snowflakes Paper Gift Bags

Rustic Snowflakes Gift Bags

Rustic Snowflakes in black and white on a brown kraft.

Nashville Wraps Shadow Stripe Kraft Tint Bags

Shadow Stripe Kraft Color Bags

Vivid color, varnish shadow pinstripe shopping bags.

Nashville Wraps Slide Open Candy Boxes

Slide Candy Boxes

Buy More – Save More! Window cookie & gift box with slide open design.

Nashville Wraps Snowflake Silhouette Christmas Bags

Snowflake Silhouette Gift Bags

White snowflakes dance across a bold Christmas red background, reminiscent of paper cutouts from holidays past.

Nashville Wraps Snowy Pines Gift Bags

Snowy Pines Gift Bags

Snowy Pines paper shopping bags feature a forest of trees in shades of green.

Nashville Wraps Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Special Occasion Tissue Paper

Tissue paper for gift bags in prints for baby, Valentines Day and other occasions.

Nashville Wraps Stretch Cord Loops

Stretch Loop Cords with Pre-Tied Bows

Elastic pre–tied bows come in several colors and sizes to fit any gift box.

Nashville Wraps Succulent Garden Gift Bags

Succulent Garden Gift Bags

Now on Sale! Gloss paper gift bags feature an array of succulents.

Nashville Wraps Sunflower Fields Gift Bags

Sunflower Fields Gift Bags

Paper gift bags with bright yellow and black sunflowers.

Nashville Wraps Tartan Plaid Gift Bags

Tartan Plaid Paper Bags

Traditonal Tartan Plaid is a classic for holiday packaging.

Nashville Wraps Thank You Plastic Gift Bags

Thank You Plastic Gift Bags

Frosted clear bags feature Thank you in an elegant silver metallic script

Nashville Wraps Gray Ticking Stripe Gift Bags

Ticking Stripe Gray Gift Bags

Ticking Stripe is an elegant, classic design for any occasion.

Nashville Wraps Red Ticking Stripe Gift Bags

Ticking Stripe Red Gift Bags

The ever versatile ticking stripe in red can be used for Christmas or all year round!

Nashville Wraps Timeless Floral Black Gift Bags

Timeless Floral Black Gift Bags

Brown kraft paper gift bags feature bold flowers and bees in black.

Nashville Wraps Timeless Floral Gray Gift Bags

Timeless Floral Gray Gift Bags

A modern, yet vintage inspired floral design in gray and white.

Nashville Wraps Tuscan Harvest Gift Bags

Tuscan Harvest Kraft Gift Bags

Deep purple berries with olive green leaves on natural brown kraft.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Greenery Gift Bags

Watercolor Greenery Gift Bags

Paper gift bags feature hand painted vines in soft hues of blue and green.

Nashville Wraps Watercolor Lavender Gift Bags

Watercolor Lavender Paper Bags

Delicate, handpainted blooms in lavender and yellow create a fresh, serene design.

Nashville Wraps Whimsical Christmas Gift Bags

Whimsical Christmas Paper Bags

Endearing iconic images pulled together in a whimsical display feature the ever popular Merry Christmas greeting.

Nashville Wraps White Apparel Boxes

White Apparel Boxes

Recycled 2 piece white apparel gift boxes.

Nashville Wraps White Berries Kraft Gift Bags

White Berries Kraft Gift Bags

White berries and greenery cover a natural kraft background. Perfect for use all year round.

Nashville Wraps White Gift Boxes

White Gloss Gift Boxes

High quality recycled white gloss gift boxes.

Nashville Wraps Customizable White Kraft Shopping Bags

White Kraft Shopping Bags

Select sizes on Sale! White paper shopping bags with white handles.

Nashville Wraps Wildflower Fields Paper Gift Bags

Wildflower Fields Gift Bags

Gloss gift bags with pink and orange flowers and green leaves.

Nashville Wraps Winter Snowday Christmas Gift Bags

Winter Snowday Gift Bags

A fun day at a snowy forest retreat.

Winter Toile Bags

Winter Toile Bags

Nostalgic black line drawings of a winter village placed on a creamy background will remind you of simpler times.

Small Assortment Packs

At Nashville Wraps, we specialize in offering small assorted packs of best-selling gift, gourmet, and retail packaging products. This approach allows you to order precisely what you need, ensuring efficient inventory management for your business. We maintain a diverse inventory, encompassing a wide range of sizes, colors, and options to cater to the unique preferences of your customers.

Small Pack Shopping Bags and Tissue Paper

Most of our solid paper shopping bags are made in the USA and available in small packs of 25. These high quality shopping bags are available in Natural Brown Kraft, White Kraft and solid colors. Additionally, we offer small packs of all-occasion gift bags and Christmas paper shopping bags. Enhance the visual appeal of your packaging with our solid color tissue in packs of 24, or explore our various tissue prints. The possibilities for creating distinctive looks are endless!

Bakery and Cookie Boxes

Starting with just 5 pieces per selling unit, our bakery boxes, cake pads and cupcake inserts are available in small packs. They come in a selection of charming colors including white, pink and chocolate. For added visibility, some of our bakery boxes feature windows to showcase your delectable treats. Launching new products becomes a breeze when you can acquire just a few pieces of packaging.

Cookie and Macaron boxes are available in several options. Our Macaron Cookies boxes are stocked in three sizes and are complemented by inserts for secure packaging. For your convenience, we offer pemade sets of 10. providing a plethora of options for wedding and party favors.

American Jewelry & Gift Boxes

You can now efficiently stock up on all the sizes of gift boxes you need with our small packs, starting at just 5 boxes per unit. Our recycled brown kraft and white gift boxes are "made in the USA", ensuring both quality and sustainability. Likewise, our apparel boxes are domestically produced. Explore our extensive selection of jewelry boxes, including options in brown, white, aqua, black matte and several unique designs.