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Basket Boxes, Market Trays and Containers

Nashville Wraps Special Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

Special Occasion Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes for Birthday, Get Well, Baby, New Home, Valentines Day, Halloween, Easter & more!

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Print Market Trays With Handles

Wide Base Print Market Trays

Large & Extra Large Market Trays with handles for Christmas & all occasion baskets. Wide base design .

Nashville Wraps Decorative Shipping Boxes

Decorative Mailer Gift Boxes

Shipping Mailer Boxes available in colors and prints!

Nashville Wraps All Ocassion Print Gift Basket Boxes

All Occasion Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes offered in themes such as Paw Print, Floral, Classic & Masculine.

Nashville Wraps Christmas Print Gift Basket Boxes

Christmas Basket Boxes

Holiday themed basket boxes make terrific Christmas gift basket containers!

Nashville Wraps Wide Base Color Market Trays

Wide Base Color Market Trays

Beveled Large & Extra Large Market Trays in solid colors make excellent gift basket containers.

Nashville Wraps Solid Color Gift Basket Boxes

Color Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes in solid colors will coordinate with any theme.

Nashville Wraps Shallow Beveled Trays

Beveled Shallow Market Tray

Folding beveled gift basket containers with die cut handles.

Nashville Wraps Basket Box Bench Supports

Basket Box Benches

Save time and money with these sturdy benches. Supports your products and requires less shred!

Nashville Wraps Beveled Print Market Trays

Beveled Print Market Trays

Market Trays are beveled containers in many designs for gourmet and gift basets.

Nashville Wraps Sweet Treat Gift Favor Boxes

Sweet Treat Gift Boxes

Sweet treat boxes for favors & candy gifts are available in prints for birthday, parties, and other holidays.

Nashville Wraps Beveled Tall Market Trays

Beveled Tall Market Trays

Tall beveled containers with die cut handles are perfect for your gourmet gift and food baskets.

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Square Gift Basket Market Trays

Square Gift Basket Market Trays are perfect for gourmet food gift sets or can be made into a traditional gift basket!

Nashville Wraps Stripe Burlap Container

Burlap Stripe Bag Container

Burlap bag containers in heavyweight jute with water resistant lining!

Nashville Wraps Angle Gift Basket Boxes

Angle Basket Boxes

Bevel shapped boxes for any occasion add a new flair to gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Burlap Containers for Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements

Burlap Basket Containers

Burlap Basket Containers are lined with a plastic laminate material.

Nashville Wraps Cotton Containers for Gift Baskets or Storage

Cotton Gift Basket Container

Canvas Basket Containers are made from 100% cotton and make great gift baskets.

Nashville Wraps Wood Crate Containers

Wood Crates

Small natural wood crates made from Southern Yellow Pine. USA made.

Find everything you need to create unique gift baskets with our solid color & themed basket boxes, market trays and containers.