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Hot Stamp Colors

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NOTE: Because monitors display differently from unit to unit, all colors are approximate. For a more accurate rendering of ink colors, please contact us for further assistance.

Hot Stamp Colors

Matte Foil Colors

Black Matte     White Matte  
Pink Matte*     Ivory Matte*  
Chocolate Matte     Yellow Matte  
Dark Chocolate Matte*     Orange Matte*  
Electric Blue Matte*     Navy Matte*  
Lime Matte*     Hunter Green Matte*  
Olive Green Matte*          

*Used only on Paper Shoppers

Metallic Foil Colors

Copper Metallic     Silver Metallic  
Emerald Metallic     Royal Metallic  
Gold Metallic     Fuchsia Metallic  
Red Metallic     Teal Metallic  
Cranberry Metallic     Purple Metallic  
Lite Green Metallic     Lite Blue Metallic  
Rose Gold Metallic     Apple Green Metallic  

Satin Foil Colors

Satin Gold     Satin Silver  
Satin Red          

Gloss Foil Colors

Black Gloss  

Standard Hot Stamp Plate Areas - Paper & Frosted Shoppers

3.5 x 4"
6 x 2.5"
6 x 2.5"
5 x 6"
6 x 5"
8 x 4"
9 x 9"