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Printed Cotton-Filled Jewelry Boxes

Metallic hot-stamp printing on any of our regular jewelry boxes is available for quantities of 1000 boxes and printing charge starts at $155 for the lot (15.5 cents per box) depending on the artwork. Print charge is added to the price of the unprinted jewelry box. The minimum order (or minimum charge) for printing is 1000 pieces per box size. There is a one-time plate cost of $95.00 which also includes modest artwork and/or text. A 15% over run or under run is possible.

Standard lead time is 3 weeks for art and plates plus 6 weeks to produce the boxes.

Great Boxes for Printing:

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Made to Order Boxes Also Available

Jewelry boxes are made in a process called "tight wrapping". The covering of the box is actually a sheet of high quality paper cut out in an exacting shape to fit the box. It is then wrapped and glued to the box board. Because of this process, anything that can be printed on paper can be printed on a jewelry box! We can cover these sturdy little boxes with gift wraps or anything up to a 4-color process. Use these great rigid boxes for your retail products, point of sale merchandise, promotions and of course for your business's name and logo.

We offer many different styles of made to order boxes for a variety of uses such as personalized gift and gourmet boxes, apparel boxes and boxes in colors, different styles and more. For more information, call us at 1-800-547-9727 or email us today!