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Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Printing

To order Custom Printed Packaging, contact us!


General Questions

Are your products made in the United States?

We make every effort to find a vendor in the USA for all of our products.

What is the difference between ink printing and hot stamping?

The ink printing process is similar to your printer at home. It produces a high-quality, flat image.

The hot stamp process heat seals a metallic foil onto the bag, creating a reflective and impressed look.

Why don’t you offer free freight on custom printed orders?

We do not offer free shipping on printed orders because our costs to prep, handle, track, process and print are much higher than orders processed directly through our distribution center.

Couldn’t I save money by ordering directly from your suppliers?

Most of our suppliers work through high-volume distributors. We are able to provide the lowest possible prices based on the high volume of our orders.

What lead times can I expect?

Lead times vary from product to product. Our standard lead times during normal business conditions (after proofing or for reorders) are:
Bags - 2 to 3 weeks
Boxes - 3 to 4 weeks
Ribbon - 10 to 14 business days
Labels - 10 to 14 business days
Business forms - 10 to 14 business days
Tissue - 4 to 6 weeks
These lead times are subject to change, particularly in the 4th quarter. Order no later than September for time-sensitive Christmas product.

Art Submission

What is the preferred format for art submission?

We prefer art in .eps (vector) format. A black-and-white TIFF or JPEG at 600 dpi resolution or higher is also acceptable.

Can I just give you my business card?

Typically the art on business cards is too small to reproduce well at a high resolution.

Can you create the logo for me?

Yes. Our prices include converting your supplied art (see above for preferred formats) for printing, or creating a simple text-only layout for you, including one complimentary change. These prices do not include graphic work such as selecting clip art or designing an image for you. Graphic work is billed at an additional $90 an hour.

Why does my artwork have to be submitted according to your art requirements when it has worked for other printers in other formats?

Our art requirements comply with professional standards in the printing industry. Images submitted according to our requirements allow us to make sure that your logo is presented at the highest possible quality. We realize there is a substantial cost involved with printing products and want to ensure that your expectations will always be met or surpassed.

Can I find a list of available fonts?

We do not have a master list of fonts. You can choose any font from a Microsoft product such as Word. If you are using a custom font, you will need to send the font file(s) to us.

Where do I send my artwork?

You can submit your artwork to us at Please be sure to put in the subject line the word “artwork”, your company’s name, and your order number. Please call us and place your order before submitting artwork.

Printing Plates

What are printing plates?

Printing plates are flat sheets of durable metal or high-quality rubber which are imprinted with your art. These plates are used on presses to print or stamp your art onto your products. Permanent plates can be reused and will be stored for your future orders.

Can I use my plate on any product?

You can reuse your permanent printing plate on the same type of product using the same type of printing method. To change from ink printing to hot stamping, or from bags to boxes, requires a new plate.

Will I be charged for additional printing plates?

Yes. Each printing plate requires a one-time setup fee. If you want to reuse a plate, you will not be charged a new setup fee; in some cases, however, if you change product or artwork, you will need a new plate. You will always be charged a printing fee for a printed order.

Do you keep my plate on file?

Yes. We will keep your plate on file for at least two years. If you do not reorder in two years, we will contact you to find out if we should keep your plate on file. Unused plates will eventually be discarded.

Can I have my plate?

Yes. If you wish to have your plate we will mail it to you.


What is the minimum order?

We have a one-case (250 bag) minimum order for both new hot stamp orders and reorders and a two-case minimum (500 bags) for ink printing.

How much does printing cost?

Your cost is based upon several factors. See our guidelines for paper bags or plastic bags.

How sturdy are the bags?

Our shopping bags can hold around 25 lbs and will stand up on their own. Our wave top bags do not stand up empty, but can hold around 20 lbs.

Will my printing plate work with all sizes?

We can use a plate made for a smaller bag on a larger bag. If you are ordering a few different sizes, we recommend more than one plate for maximum visual impact.

What are the available ink or hot stamp colors?

See our stock ink colors here. We can custom match any PMS color for an additional fee.

Hot stamp foils can be viewed here. We are not able to custom match a hot stamp foil.

Can I use my ribbon or label plate on my bags?

Bags are printed using a much larger plate. You will need a separate plate for your bags.

Why can’t I use my ink plate on my hot stamp bag?

The two processes are very different. The hot stamp process uses a heated metal plate, while the ink process uses a rubber plate.

How many colors can be printed on my bags?

We print with one color on most orders. We have the capability to print with two or more colors and can provide you with a price quote, but multi-color printing requires higher minimums and prices.

What are the minimum orders for printing with multiple colors?

Ink printing with two colors requires 2,500 bags per size. Ink printing with four colors (4-color process) requires 5,000 bags per size.

There is no minimum order for hot stamping with two colors, but it is cost prohibitive unless you are ordering at least 2,500 bags per size. We recommend ink printing when three or more print colors are needed.

How do I know which bags can be printed?

Most of our shopping and merchandise bags can be custom printed. We recommend using a solid color bag to give your logo the best visual impact. However, many of our printed bags work well with a custom imprint. Ask us for recommendations.

Do you have a rush program?

Nashville Wraps does not have a rush program. We turn orders around as quickly as possible, and in order to maintain our short lead times for all orders we do not accept rush requests.

I have already ordered plain bags, but would like to have them custom printed. What should I do?

Call our Print Department as soon as possible. Orders ship out quickly, usually within 24 hours. We may be able to cancel the order you placed and submit a custom printed order for you. If your order has already shipped, we will help you return the stock product for a full refund.


What is the minimum order for custom printed ribbon?

We have a 2-roll minimum order. You will get a much better price per roll when you order 4 rolls or more.

What colors are available for printing on ribbon?

See available foil colors here.

How many colors can be printed on ribbon?

Ribbon is typically printed with one color only. We can print with two colors, but it is more than twice the cost.

Do I need a printing plate for ribbon?

Yes, and there are two options. We offer a temporary plate (one-time use only) using one of our five stock fonts for $20. We also offer a permanent plate using any font for $75 which can also include your logo. Your permanent plate will be kept on file for reorders.

What is different about the permanent plate?

The permanent plate is made of solid metal and does not deteriorate quickly like the soft lead temporary plate does.

Why can’t I use my temporary plate again?

The temporary plate is made from soft lead and cannot print more than 6 rolls without losing its sharpness.

Can I print a logo on the ribbon or just text?

Temporary plates are text only, but permanent plates can include text and a logo.

How often does the print repeat on the ribbon?

The print repeats every eight inches. Temporary plates are six inches long and permanent plates are a full eight inches. You can use all of the available space on the plate, or we can try to fit your design multiple times on the plate for closer repeats.

Can I adjust the spacing of the prints?

We will adjust the spacing according to your preferences, but cannot guarantee exact spacing.


How do I order my labels online?

To use our easy online label design program, click here. You will need to create a username and password if you do not have one on file with us. If you are a current customer and do not know your password, please call us at 800-547-9727 and we will be happy to assist you with recovering it.

What label sizes are available?

We offer labels in many different sizes and shapes. View them all using our online label maker.

What label colors are available?

Our stock labels are kraft, gold, silver, white or transparent. We can match custom colors for an additional fee. We have several stock ink colors and can match custom ink colors for an additional fee.

Can I use my bag or ribbon plate on my labels?

Each printing process is different, therefore each product type requires its own plate.

Can I order fewer than 1000 labels?

1000 labels is the minimum order.

I want to reorder the labels I originally ordered online. Why can’t I reorder online?

Our website does not yet have that capability. We are always improving and are working hard to get this feature in place. Please call our Print Department at 800-547-9727 ext. 4 to reorder your labels.


Why is the printing plate for tissue so expensive?

The plate is larger than any other plates at 20 x 30" - therefore the cost is higher.

Are there any options to avoid plate costs?

Yes, there is a large selection of ready-made plate designs to choose from. Build Your Own Design! Choose your design, ink color and tissue color.

What is the minimum order for printed tissue?

We have a 10-ream minimum to custom print tissue with one or two colors.

What is the cost to print tissue?

White or Kraft tissue printed with one color starts at $51.76 per ream. Color tissue printed with one color starts at $74.20 per ream. Per-ream costs go down as the volume of your order increases.

How many sheets are in a ream of tissue?

Our reams have 480 sheets per ream and are 20 x 30".


Can I mix and match sizes to reach the minimum order?

Yes, as long as the boxes are in the same category. You can mix and match apparel boxes, but not apparel and jewelry boxes.

What is the minimum order for printed boxes?

Apparel and gift boxes have a 500 piece minimum. Jewelry boxes have a 1,000 piece minimum.

Can I print onto the takeout pails?

Not directly, but a custom label works well on these boxes.

Can I print on the window presentation boxes?

Not unless you wish to create a custom box, which requires higher quantities. For smaller orders, we suggest using a custom label.

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