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Raffia Ribbon - Wraphia  >>  Paper Raffia Ribbon 100Yd

Paper Raffia - Paper RibbonBuy any 12 rolls & save! Paper Raffia Ribbon on 100 yd spools from 100% natural fibers.

Raffia Ribbon or Wraphia ribbon is a degradable and recyclable paper raffia on 100 yd spools. It's so simple to use and looks great on any package.

Mix & match raffia colors and styles for discounts at 12+ rolls!

USA Paper Raffia - Made in the USA - 100 yard Matte Raffia - Christmas Packaging

Please Select a Product From Below:
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Metallic Paper Gold Raffia751MGOMetallic Paper Gold Raffia
100 yds
 Price: $2.99 Pack: 1 
Metallic Paper Silver  Raffia751MSIMetallic Paper Silver Raffia
100 yds
 Price: $2.99 Pack: 1  
*Paper Tiger Raffia 100 yds752PTG*Paper Tiger Raffia 100 yds 
Price: $4.58 Pack: 1 
Paper Zebra Raffia 100 yds752PZEBPaper Zebra Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $6.10 Pack: 1 
Paper Apple Green Raffia 100 yds766AGPaper Apple Green Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Aqua Raffia 100 yds766AQPaper Aqua Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Azalea Raffia 100 yds766AZPaper Azalea Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Beauty Raffia 100 yds766BEPaper Beauty Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Black Raffia 100 yds766BKPaper Black Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Burgundy Raffia 100 yds766BUPaper Burgundy Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Celadon Raffia 100 yds766CEPaper Celadon Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Chocolate Raffia 100 yds766CHPaper Chocolate Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Coral Raffia 100 yds766CRPaper Coral Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Daffodil Yellow Raffia 100 yd766DAPaper Daffodil Yellow Raffia 100 yd 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Emerald Raffia 100 yds766EMPaper Emerald Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Gold Raffia 100 yds766GOPaper Gold Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Harvest Gold Raffia 100 yds766HGPaper Harvest Gold Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Hot Red Raffia 100 yds766HRPaper Hot Red Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Hunter Raffia 100 yds766HUPaper Hunter Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
Paper Jungle Green Raffia 100 yds766JGPaper Jungle Green Raffia 100 yds 
 Price: $3.00 Pack: 1 
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